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Easy Tips for Pruning Roses

For some reason, the chore of pruning roses often creates feelings of anxiety with gardeners. Like anything else however the more you practice the better you will become. Your first step is to learn a few basic skills and knowledge ,then take it from there. I’ve simplified the process to help take some of of the mystery away and help you get pruning your roses to create finer looking shrubs with better blooms. Visit blog for great tips:http://sensiblegardening.com/easy-tips-on-how-to-prune-roses/

To see more: http://sensiblegardening.com/easy-tips-on-how-to-prune-roses/

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  • Diane Cook
    Diane Cook Brenton, WV

    I have had my knock out roses for 4 years, they started growing good as soon as I planted them, I didn't trim them and they got all out of shape the next year so I pruned them and they where the most beautiful roses I had ever seen. how often should

  • Dan  Master Rosarian

    Nice article, you only mentioned pruning to start the year after winter. What kind of pruning is needed during the summer? Answer Cut blooms to bring into the house. Keep spent blooms cut off the bush. Keep doing this until the first of September.

  • Sensible Gardening and Living

    Thanks for the extra info Dan.

  • The Garden Frog with C Renee

    great tips!

  • Heather (New House New Home)

    Great tips, Lynne. and those photos are beautiful!!

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