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Easy Outdoor Light up Halloween Ghost.

I added this cute halloween ghost to my outdoor halloween decor. It lights up and the eyes glow.
First I grabbed my tomato cage that, a glass light cover,and some lights. I had a string of solar lights that I wrapped up under the glass. Then the green cord lights are white flashing lights that I tied around the tomato cage.
You can use a sheet to cover but I had some material that had little ghost on it, and thought that would work perfect. Then I found these eyes that glow in the dark at the dollar store. They peel and stick on. Ta da
These googly eyes are round, but are the same kind that I used on my ghost. I bought two sets, because I didn't know which ones would look best.
I will add a picture of him when he is all lite up, but my battery died in my camera, so will have to get one tomorrow.
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