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Pumpkin Comment Contest - Answer to Win!

Ready for another comment contest? Answer this question for a chance to win a cute Hometalk tote! What are you using to decorate your pumpkins this year? Please choose the applicable letter:

a) A knife or other (carving utensils)

b) Paint

c) Glitter/sequins

d) Fabric

e) Other

Five winners will be chosen to receive a Hometalk tote. Contest ends on Sep. 30 at midnight. Ready, set, comment!

on Sep 26, 2013
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  • Debi McCoy
    Debi McCoy Blacksburg, VA
    Old potato sacks!!! with the writing side visible and lots of elmers glue (works sometimes as well as mod podge and cheaper).
    DEONDREA L Memphis, TN
  • Linda C
    Linda C Brookhaven, MS
    B paint
  • Maria Goslin Resto
    Paint they last longer.
  • Melvin
    Melvin Chickamauga, GA
    I'm willing to try any of the above with good enough directions, but will probably resort to the old knife or dremel.
  • Mary Insana
    Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    It's October1, who won ? :)
  • Carol Camargo
    Carol Camargo Stanton, CA
    I'm liking the look of paint & glitter, sequins, seeds etc.
  • Nancy M
  • Nancy J Orr
    Nancy J Orr Vicksburg, MS
    e- electric drill to make design of cut-out holes
  • Hometalk
    Hometalk New York, NY
    Thank you all for participating in this contest! We loved reading your comments. The winners are Lee R LoriandJohn Ash Ann J Anna and Melissa Kirtley - A Wide Line. Please email your mailing address to team@hometalk.com. Congratulations! :-)
  • Beverly Adams
    I am using fabric. D
  • Angie W
    Angie W Columbus, OH
    Congratulations to those of you who won !!! Everyone have a beautiful harvest......:)
  • Laurie Scott
    Laurie Scott Athens, GA
    Who won? where's it posted? Thanks!
  • Laurie Scott
    Laurie Scott Athens, GA
    oops! I need to get hooked on phonics! The winners are named above - Congratulations all! :)
  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Santa Ana, CA
    Pumpkins could be carved into various shapes and sizes. On Halloween days, people decorate their house with pumpkins. It could be used as shades, masks etc.