Pumpkin Comment Contest - Answer to Win!

Ready for another comment contest? Answer this question for a chance to win a cute Hometalk tote! What are you using to decorate your pumpkins this year? Please choose the applicable letter:

a) A knife or other (carving utensils)

b) Paint

c) Glitter/sequins

d) Fabric

e) Other

Five winners will be chosen to receive a Hometalk tote. Contest ends on Sep. 30 at midnight. Ready, set, comment!

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on Sep 26, 2013
  • Sandra A
    Sandra A Hurricane, UT
    A...but that extends to dremels, drill bits (various) and fine paring knives. I create pointing fingers, swimming fish, cats...you name it. It's not rocket science, just time consuming and fun.
  • Nicole Carter Weasley

    raventally00@1 result is available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate.aol.com

  • Carol Hurtig
    Carol Hurtig Allentown, PA
    A. There is just something about getting your hands in all the seeds & gunk that truly makes it Halloween.
  • Cindyjunot
    Cindyjunot Lima, NY
    All of the above!
  • Portia Basham
    Portia Basham Knoxville, IL
    A. I have done it that way for years. I might paint one this year
  • Carie Adcock
    Carie Adcock Madison, IN
    A. My kids wouldn't have it any other way. :)
  • Summer I
    Summer I Orlando, FL
    A. but painting a pumpkin sounds like fun too
  • Amanda
    Amanda Richmond, VA
    Paint is my new favorite item to decorate my Fall Pumpkins!
  • Cindy M
    A: Though my hubby plans to "help" our Grand kids with the carving.
  • Fayhonaker
    Found best and easiest is to use mostly a drill=when necessary a knife and then illuminate with artificial light .
  • Gerald McElwaney
    Gerald McElwaney Atlanta, GA
    A knife and a drill with different bits to make various holes throughout the pumpkins. When the light shows through the holes it looks like an old lantern.
  • Nancy Hunt-Mcdonald
    Nancy Hunt-Mcdonald Leesburg, FL
    E. I'll be decoupaging our pumpkin this year to make it last longer during this fall season.
  • Jackie Daoud
    Jackie Daoud La Crescenta, CA
  • Theresa Moore
    Theresa Moore Kennesaw, GA
    Definitely E
  • Teresa Melling
    Teresa Melling Anacortes, WA