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Quick Embroidery Hoop Burlap Wreath

This little wreath goes together so quickly and you can decorate for any occasion!
8″ Wood Embroidery Hoop
Burlap Material (not too thick so it can be tied easily)
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon for hanging 1/2″ Wide
Material scissors OR a Rotary Cutter (Makes it go much faster!)
Decor items (We use our Wood Slice Owl. Free pattern on our site)
These are the two main things you need!
Cut your burlap into 1" wide strips. It took 35 strips for our 8" hoop.
Loop each strip around the hoop as shown.
Pull tightly. Continue until the hoop is filled.
We decorated the wreath with out Wood Slice Owl and little sign, a stick and a few artificial leaves. ***CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO FREE DOWNLOADABLE PATTERNS***
Glue a few leaves onto the stick and your stick onto the base of the wreath.
The stick needs situated so that the owl sites behind it and is glued onto the inner hoop yet appears to be sitting on the stick. (MORE DETAILS ON OUR SITE POST)
Glue on part of a tongue depresser for added stability.

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