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  • Debbie Coles
    Debbie Coles Doylestown, OH

    I don't think there are many pieces like this left, but I have one that was given to me years ago when my parents bought my grandparents house and took out the cabinet. I am inspired to finally put that cabinet to good use. They also gave me the

  • Phyissandgrant
    Phyissandgrant Hampton, TN

    I was thinking also ,I have some tall book cases I could use them for the cabinet part. I really like your idea. I do not know how to use paint except from the can may get my husband to varnish it to match my cabinets

  • Victoria
    Victoria Manteca, CA

    Love this....will copy your idea one day....it's so beautiful!

  • Z

    Excellent rebuild.

  • Cheryl Layne
    Cheryl Layne Bartow, FL

    Love this I think I'm going to try to do something close as this, I'm thinking a wooden screendoor you can see from top to bottom for my husbands Derby glasses.

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