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Cottage Elegance Romantic Tapestry Vintage Dresser With Mirror

This bow front mahogany vintage dresser is stately and proud and perfect for a touch of fancy. I first painted it in Barn Red by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company which was one of the colors that was in the tapestry material I chose for the drawer fronts.
Difficulty: Medium
I added extra bond so that the milk paint would adhere beautifully to the existing finish, which it did.
Here you can see the tone difference between the old mahogany stain and the fresh first coat of Barn Red.
Next I slathered on Antique Crackle by OFMP and let it set for about two hours. Then I mixed up some Light Cream milk paint and coated the dresser as this was to be my dominant color with the Barn Red peeking through the crackles. I did not paint the drawer faces at all since those would be getting their own super special treatment.
I measured twenty times. Not really, but close. I had exactly enough material to cover the drawers so any mess up would be a fail for the project. Having a bow to the drawers meant a bit of angling over the curve so I allowed for half an inch extra all around to be sure of coverage. I chose a beautiful quilted floral tapestry fabric. I decoupaged it to the drawer faces using ModPodge.
I had sanded the top to bare wood and restained it a beautiful deep red brown that would also compliment the barn red and the tapestry.
I did the same paint treatment to the matching attachable mirror. I sealed the dresser case and mirror with Daddy Van's clear wax and the material with Mod Podge.
Check out the luscious crackling all over. Perfect rustic cottage charm paired with the sophisticated fabric.
I replaced the top knobs for diamond cut crystal ones and kept the original wooden ones for the rest, but also painted them.

Material I used for this project:

  • Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Daddy Van's clear wax, Antique Crackle medium by OFMP, fabric, mod podge

To see more: http://lilacshackfurniture.weebly.com/blog/mahogany-romantic-tapestry-and-crackled-dresser

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