DIY Industrial Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are one of those things that can really use up your decorating budget fast - especially if you need extra long ones. I love the look of industrial style curtain rods but not the price ($99 at West Elm - yikes). It turns out they are pretty simple to make just using parts from Lowes.

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  • Brigitta Hamilton
    Brigitta Hamilton Phoenix, AZ
    Love it !!! This is an awesome design.... How did you decorate the rest of the room to incorporate the rods ????
  • Linda Weeks
    Linda Weeks Street, MD
    This is way cooler than a plain old shower curtain rod. And I bet it's sturdier than them too
  • Barbara Bamber
    I just sold my clients a home that is all industrial, I will be showing this idea to them!
  • Marsha
    Marsha Douglas, WY
    I love when people think outside the box and find a way to do something on their own instead of buying the packaged products. It stimulates the mind :) This looks wonderful and I bet a creative mind could find a way to paint it for a look other than
  • Marsha
    Marsha Douglas, WY
    @ Carrie @ Lovely Etc. Even better idea, then you can put it right where you stand and reach without having to deal with things in the way! Coolio! I'm passing this on to my daughter. A tip to those who try this, better hit a stud.
  • Canninggranny
    I could easily see this in a contractors office, or a plumbers office, or even a teenage boys room. Maybe one of the old warehouses made into apartments. Very NICE!
  • Brigitta Hamilton
    Brigitta Hamilton Phoenix, AZ
    Wow !!! Very nice love the light blues / greys / silver look. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)
  • Loribeth
    Loribeth Muskegon, MI
    Someone else said what I was thinking. I think it's great when people use their creativity to avoid buying packaged products. The industrial look wouldn't work in our house, and we needed a rod that was 107 inches. We used closet doweling. It was cheaper
  • Sharyn Diaz
    Sharyn Diaz La Pine, OR
    super cool look...great idea
  • Matina V
    Matina V Everett, WA
    I love this idea!
Carrie @ Lovely Etc.