DIY Industrial Curtain Rods

Home Decor 06.17.15
Curtain rods are one of those things that can really use up your decorating budget fast - especially if you need extra long ones. I love the look of industrial style curtain rods but not the price ($99 at West Elm - yikes). It turns out they are pretty simple to make just using parts from Lowes.
  • DIY industrial curtain rods for an extra long double window: less than $25 each.
  • All you need are some simple parts from the home improvement store. Check out my blog post for more detail.
  • The finished product: the perfect match for my painted striped curtains.

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  • Canninggranny
    I could easily see this in a contractors office, or a plumbers office, or even a teenage boys room. Maybe one of the old warehouses made into apartments. Very NICE!
  • Brigitta Hamilton
    Brigitta Hamilton Phoenix, AZ
    Wow !!! Very nice love the light blues / greys / silver look. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)
  • Loribeth
    Loribeth Muskegon, MI
    Someone else said what I was thinking. I think it's great when people use their creativity to avoid buying packaged products. The industrial look wouldn't work in our house, and we needed a rod that was 107 inches. We used closet doweling. It was cheaper
  • Sharyn Diaz
    Sharyn Diaz La Pine, OR
    super cool look...great idea
  • Matina V
    Matina V Everett, WA
    I love this idea!
Carrie @ Lovely Etc.