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The Fence (recycling Old Doors and Windows)

I would like to share the fence I made out of old doors and windows. I was unable to find a fence that I really loved plus I didn’t want it to cost me an arm & a leg. I’m not a spring chicken, so I need all my arms and legs!
The fence is located at the rear/side of my house. It seemed to take me forever but knowing I only had to do 6 (8 ft) sections, I knew I could totally finish this project. It wasn’t a project that I could put away in a closet and get it out later. Plus, being out for people to see, I realized that it had to be finished in a timely fashion.
It was like putting a puzzle together. Very little modification had to be done but there was some. I was extremely lucky at finding old doors. The first door was an original door in my house (sitting in the garage,when we moved in). My neighbor gave me a couple closet doors that he replaced in his house. Garage sales, dumpster diving, the side of the curb and a couple doors were knocked on when I saw a house being updated.

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  • Ricci Longman
    Ricci Longman Battle Creek, MI

    This is totally FANTASTIC

  • Imperial Windows & Doors
    Imperial Windows & Doors Los Angeles, CA

    This is an amazing idea! I will surely use it in some of my future projects!

  • Sheri Snyder
    Sheri Snyder Willow Street, PA

    I love this too! I've collected 8 doors and am soon ready to get going on mine. How did you anchor them?

  • Katie
    Katie Canada

    What a FABULOUS idea!!! I love it! Any chance of a pic of the entire fence in all its glory? Very inspired!

  • Kaytedec
    Kaytedec Atlanta, GA

    Spectacular! I've though of this idea, but never gotten around to it. You did a fabulous job.