The Fence (recycling Old Doors and Windows)

Remodel 05.16.16
I would like to share the fence I made out of old doors and windows. I was unable to find a fence that I really loved plus I didn’t want it to cost me an arm & a leg. I’m not a spring chicken, so I need all my arms and legs!

The fence is located at the rear/side of my house. It seemed to take me forever but knowing I only had to do 6 (8 ft) sections, I knew I could totally finish this project. It wasn’t a project that I could put away in a closet and get it out later. Plus, being out for people to see, I realized that it had to be finished in a timely fashion.

It was like putting a puzzle together. Very little modification had to be done but there was some. I was extremely lucky at finding old doors. The first door was an original door in my house (sitting in the garage,when we moved in). My neighbor gave me a couple closet doors that he replaced in his house. Garage sales, dumpster diving, the side of the curb and a couple doors were knocked on when I saw a house being updated.

Once I had it totally built I realized it needed jazzed up. The first door had to be purple (K-State, of course). But why did I pick

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  • Gail Aldridge
    Gail Aldridge Lees Summit, MO
    They have made me chuckle. I just remembering my parents saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything. Thanks!
  • Gail Aldridge
    Gail Aldridge Lees Summit, MO
    WoW What a stir! Thank you all for your kind words.
  • Christine
    Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
    Gail, people would know to whom you're responding if you clicked the "Reply" link under the comment to which you are replying. It would make a lot more sense.
  • Susan S
    Susan S Rochester, NY
    how did you connect all the doors and windows together were they all hinged, and what kind of paint did you use on them, was it outdoor paint, what holds up the best?
  • Carolyn Vick
    Carolyn Vick Peoria, IL
    This is great looking. Yes, I'm interested in how the doors are connected too. Also are they sitting on a base of some sort? Thanks.
  • Shelley Crawford
    Shelley Crawford Dundalk, MD
    Thank you for posting! Do you mind answering the previous post since my husband has the same questions? I look forward to your answers!
  • Jerrie C
    Jerrie C Angelus Oaks, CA
    Love it.
  • Christie Napier
    Christie Napier Austin, IN
    I love it & some sections more than others but all n all Luv Luv & Luv more! I too like repurposing & I am more the free spirit & like So Many diff things this is something perfect for my style!! I wish I could find a few Exact pieces u have as well!! I
  • Barbara Lawrence
    Barbara Lawrence La Mesa, CA
    I love this and want to do this myself, but I would like to know how to connect them together. Some of the solid wood doors I have are really heavy. This is the only multi-level fence that looks really artistic (some can look trashy when different
  • Psmithallgood
    Psmithallgood Temple, GA
    How are the doors mounted so wind won't blow them over?
  • Patty G
    Patty G Newberg, OR
    This is so awesome, I just love it!
  • Emmayoungblood
    emmayoungblood Fruitland Park, FL
  • Lissa Lehman
    Lissa Lehman Tucson, AZ
    You've created something beautiful! And you've inspired a lot of people! Including me! Nice job!
  • Pam
    Pam New Braunfels, TX
    Awesome!!!!! I love this so much!!! The little gate you made was beyond cute and smart!! You have an amazing eye for design and repurposing!!!
  • Gail Aldridge
    Gail Aldridge Lees Summit, MO
    Thanks! Very nice comments!
    • Christine
      Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
      Gail Aldridge Gail! Did you see the HGTV show Yardcore just put a door fence into someone's back yard? Yours is by far better, I must say! :)
  • Ricci Longman
    Ricci Longman Battle Creek, MI
    This is totally FANTASTIC
  • Imperial Windows & Doors
    Imperial Windows & Doors Los Angeles, CA
    This is an amazing idea! I will surely use it in some of my future projects!
  • Sheri Snyder
    Sheri Snyder Willow Street, PA
    I love this too! I've collected 8 doors and am soon ready to get going on mine. How did you anchor them?
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    What a FABULOUS idea!!! I love it! Any chance of a pic of the entire fence in all its glory? Very inspired!
  • Kaytedec
    Kaytedec Atlanta, GA
    Spectacular! I've though of this idea, but never gotten around to it. You did a fabulous job.
Gail Aldridge