Decor Ideas 04.03.14

Bleached Pine Cones & Decor

Tired of the rustic look of pinecones in your décor? Especially if you lean toward a light and airy look. Why not bleach your pinecones for an unusual beautiful effect in home décor. Be amazed by their resulting appearance. . . Beauty made more beautiful!
Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2013/10/bleached-pine-cones-decor.html

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  • Sheila D Lecanto, FL
    Are your wooden cards made of tree bark, balsa or what ? Sounds really interesting.
  • Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
    The card I have is n ot real wood, it isn't even Balsa, it is some sort of whatever, but I would like to go to Lowes and try to find some sort of real wood, that is nice and thin, to try them. I have the doorknob holders tghat you paint on, and I was
  • Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
    If anyone does make the wood cards, or even finds some real wood(Old fashioned) please let me know. Thanks, Arlene
  • Mary D Audubon, NJ
    My 20 year old Christmas cards are about 1/4 inch thick slabs of real wood tied with twine and would be too costly to mail by today's rates. I'll just enjoy them and let my family find them after I've departed. A hobby shop or craft store would have wood
  • Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
    I am going to look for some wood to make the cards out of real wood. The post office told me that it would cost $2.07 to mail if it is an ounce, but another one said .80 ea. I will hand them out. Thanks. What type of pcture is on your cards?
  • Denise Jopling United Kingdom
    Doesn't work!
  • Gail@Purple Hues and Me Millersville, MD
    So sorry this didn't work for you. Can't imagine why it didn't and what went wrong.
  • Pat Fenton, MI
    Mine never became white, but more of a beige tipped in white. I liked them. The oven turned mine brown so I put mine on/near a furnace outlet where the heat come out and just waited until they dried.
  • Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
    why do I keep getting this same message over and over again, especially when I have written and said I had got three in one day, thanks
  • Annette Dahlonega, GA
    I had no idea one could bleach pine cones.Thank you.
  • Sheila D Lecanto, FL
    Arlene, each reply/comment(s) is sent separately and thencollectively on main news letter. That helps if you just want to followup on a how-to without having to do a search thru the main site. When Ifirst joined Hometalk I didn't realize that that was
  • Sheila D Lecanto, FL
    I found Krylon spray paint in champagne but no glitter champagne color. Was it brush on or spray. Might spray with champagne and add glitter with spray on glue...???
  • Gail@Purple Hues and Me Millersville, MD
    I used the small bottle of acrylic craft glitter paint found in craft stores and a very light gold shade of glitter glue. Glitter glue is my preference for most things since when dry, the glitter won't come off and it's less messy. It does take a while
  • I have really enjoyed my bleached pine cones! I glittered them with mixed glitter and some with green glitter! So pretty put them in a basket of Christmas greens with clear lights!!! Sooooo pretty!!!