Bleached Pine Cones & Decor

11 hours ago
Tired of the rustic look of pinecones in your decor? Especially if you lean toward a light and airy look. Why not bleach your pinecones for an unusual beautiful effect in home decor. Be amazed by their resulting appearance. . . Beauty made more beautiful!
Difficulty: Easy
Gently pour bleach over the pinecones, cover and soak overnight or longer.
Dry on paper towels for a few days to reopen, or if impatient, put in a 275 degree oven for 1 hr. You can tell that the color of the scales have changed, but the beauty is yet to be seen.
Lo and behold, once open, the pinecones were absolutely beautiful!
Lo and behold, once open, the pinecones were absolutely beautiful!
This pinecone is decorated with a mixture of seed beads, glitter, mod podge and champagne color glitter paint.
Decorated bleached pinecones add a touch of monochromatic hues to a once rustic look!

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  • Sheila D
    Sheila D Crystal River, FL
    Worked on some will try more later. Nancy you can terminate view of specific post if you do not wish to se them.
  • Louise
    louise Columbia, TN
    did not bleach for me.
    • Donna Doucette
      Louise ,Hi some tips that worked for me ,they did take an over night amount of time and to keep them emerged in the Javel I had to place a heavy 'cover' over top . I tried to use
  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red Southington, CT
    As I have stated previously, some of my pine cones bleached nicely, some did not. None came out totally "white" but were definitely on the white side compared to their original look. I have no idea why it works sometimes and not always. Maybe the type of
    • Ruby Red
      Ruby Red Southington, CT
      Gail@Purple Hues and Me I used the scented ones from 2 different stores and had mixed results with them. I also forgot about some soaking in water and when I remembered
  • Lisa Falkenthal
    Lisa Falkenthal Thomaston, GA
    It may be the pre-existing moisture content. If the pine cones aren't dry, tjey can't absorb the bleach?
  • Louise
    louise Columbia, TN
    I let mine soak over 12 hrs. still no change.
Gail@Purple Hues and Me