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Tired of the rustic look of pinecones in your decor? Especially if you lean toward a light and airy look. Why not bleach your pinecones for an unusual beautiful effect in home decor. Be amazed by their resulting appearance. . . Beauty made more beautiful!
Difficulty: Easy
Gently pour bleach over the pinecones, cover and soak overnight or longer.
Dry on paper towels for a few days to reopen, or if impatient, put in a 275 degree oven for 1 hr. You can tell that the color of the scales have changed, but the beauty is yet to be seen.
Lo and behold, once open, the pinecones were absolutely beautiful!
Lo and behold, once open, the pinecones were absolutely beautiful!
This pinecone is decorated with a mixture of seed beads, glitter, mod podge and champagne color glitter paint.
Decorated bleached pinecones add a touch of monochromatic hues to a once rustic look!

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  • Gabrielle Falk
    Gabrielle Falk Australia
    Wouldn't the pine cones be a fire hazard in the oven? I'd be worried they'd catch fire. Wouldn't it be easier to tie a thin piece of string on a cone, tie up to say, the clothes line, and spray paint?
  • CeCe D
    CeCe D Gilbert, AZ
    Mine did not work either. I have tried this twice and this time used $30. worth of bleach. While some got lighter, certainly not very much. So dissappointed. Decided it might be the type of Destin, FL.
  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red Southington, CT
    In reply to a couple of questions, when you place the pines cones in the oven to dry it's at a low heat, 200 degrees to 250. And of course you keep an eye on them, don't just pop them in there and go to the movies (mean leave them unattended).
  • Cindy
    I really want to try this!
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