DIY - Fall Wreath With Turkey Feathers

The last few years we have had several turkeys living in our yard. It has been fun to watch them grow up. There are so many now that they are getting to be kind of a nuisance . There is a time each year where the boys do some serious fighting. They get so focused that you can walk right up to them. All this fighting causes them to shed a lot of feathers. Our grandkids love to collect the turkey feathers. The feathers come in all shapes and sizes and some are very colorful. We have a big tub full of turkey feathers the grandkids have collected.

Now that it is Fall, the leaves are changing and are quite colorful. If you add some cattails from the lake, you have everything you need to make an all natural Fall wreath. You can get any size foam wreath frame from you local craft store and pull out the old hot glue gun and get started. If you are lucky enough to be married to an artist, you might get a wreath that looks pretty good.

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  • Wild turkeys walking around like they own the place.
  • Boys will be boys. Lots of fighting.
  • A variety of feathers, some cattails and a few colorful leaves is all you need.
  • Almost done.
  • Close up of the feathers and leaves.
  • The finished product.

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  • Dria @ Dio
    Dria @ Dio Boston, MA
    That's beautiful!!
  • Anascreations4u
    Anascreations4u Robert Lee, TX

    I have collected feathers for years now I know what to do with them!!! Good job!!

  • Brenda Barton
    Brenda Barton Royse City, TX
    WOW!!! Says it all
  • Luis
    Luis East Haven, CT
    Thanksgiving is coming nothing better than fresh roasted turkey for dinner lol the wreath are beautiful
  • Barb Rosen
    Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
    Quite wonderful for Thanksgiving, a great idea !
  • Carol Springer
    Carol Springer Boston, MA
    Love that!
  • Dan330
    Dan330 Saint Paul, MN
    Thanks for the nice comments. My wife deserves all the credit for the wreath.
  • Pam Perkins Zirbel
    Dan330 gorgeous!!! We too have turkeys right next far they havent come close to our house, and we did have one 'fly' [as well as they can!!] into our car when we were ONLY like 20mph!! This is a great use of feathers!!! I love feathers!!!
  • Joyce Jones
    Joyce Jones Waltham, MA
    Very attractive!
  • Abigail L
    Abigail L Mullin, TX
    Isn't That prettiest wreath I have seen.
  • Jamala W
    Jamala W Whitmire, SC
    Oh my stars!! This is just great.. I'm a feather lover so this is just fantastic
  • Lannie Hagan
    Lannie Hagan Broomfield, CO
    Wonderful and so very, very beautiful!
  • Arlene Pieri
    Arlene Pieri Connersville, IN
    Very nice! Great use of materials that you can collect!!!
  • Tamir DuCharme
    Tamir DuCharme Austin, TX
    Very nice! Wonderful use of items and your imagination!!!!