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DIY Trash Can Compost Bin

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that goes into trash fills each day and it makes the highest quality of soil in which you can use to nourish your growing garden (no matter how big or small!). I put off starting a compost bin for 2 years because I thought it would be difficult and expensive.
Lo and behold, this DIY trash can compost bin is the total opposite! Using tools you most likely already have on hand, this DIY project takes 10 minutes... flat. Read on the link to see the complete tutorial and my secret to creating compost, fast. --> http://www.healthyrootshappysoul.com/diy-trash-can-compost-bin
Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
  • diy trash can compost bin, composting, gardening, go green

To see more: http://www.healthyrootshappysoul.com/diy-trash-can-compost-bin/

  • Healthy Roots, Happy Soul

    @dianehoward I hope this works for you!

  • Sherman0097
    Sherman0097 Woonsocket, RI

    does anyone know if cow manure speeds up e composting time?

    • Ellen
      Ellen Southington, CT

      It adds good bacteria to the compost, as long as you don't overdo it.
      You could add some earthworms. Keep it damp, but not wet, and keep it aerated (turned over) to keep your 'good bacteria' healthy. This way, the compost will keep breaking down.

  • Beth Noland Felton

    I will try this one.

  • Bbcontreras2002

    I'm inspired! I've been discouraged by the high price tag of the purchasable compost bins and fear rodents will take over if the compost is not enclosed. I recall my mom keeping a stainless steel bowl next to the sink to hold all the peels etc from

  • Juli
    Juli Aurora, IL

    Since I throw nothing away and still have 3-4 plastic large garbage cans (we can no longer use for garbage) I am going to try this: Cut a hole in the bottom, make a "door way" at the top side, turn the can over (largest end down now) and set this up

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