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Gift Box Wreath Tutorial

I love scrapbook paper. Even though my scrapbooking days are over, I can't help but visit the paper aisle at my craft store and wish I had some project to do with it. So I came up with a Gift Box Wreath that is fairly simple and uses your scrapbook paper (even just the leftovers, if you want). You can also use wrapping paper.
Time: 45 Minutes Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy
You will need: A wreath form (I used a wire one) Tape Glue gun Ribbon, small (assorted colors, if you want) Ribbon, large (for covering the wire form) Bow or other embellishments Mini boxes, about 12 (you can use whatever you already have, make ones out of Christmas cards or whatever). I bought mine. I used small jewelry boxes--like the ones above.
Simply wrap each box in the scrapbook paper like you would a gift. Use coordinating paper and it will look so cute! Decorate each box with ribbon.
Wrap your form in large ribbon if you would like. Mine was wire so I needed ot cover it. Decide where you want the gifts to be on your wreath form.
Use your glue gun to simply attach each gift box on the wreath form.
And you are done! It's a super easy project and so cute!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Jewelry boxes   (local craft store)
  • Scrapbook paper   (craft store)
  • Wreath form

To see more: http://www.makinglifeblissful.com/2013/12/gift-box-wreath-tutorial.html

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