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Make the Perfect Burlap Wreath

Do burlap wreath tutorials intimidate you? I've been making burlap wreaths for years but translating it into a tutorial is not easy. Then by accident, while working with different ways to make burlap garland it hit me! The perfect no fail way to make a burlap wreath!
You will want to use 3 rolls of 6" wide burlap, jute, upholstery needle, wire wreath frame and accessories to decorate the wreath for the season.
Thread the jute onto the needle and insert needle in the bottom corner.
Bring needle out on the outside of the opposite side as shown in above photo. Continue to weave the twine through the burlap keeping the stitches equal distances apart and gathering as you go.
Repeat the process for all 3 rolls of burlap. You will have a long piece of "garland".
Attach the garland to the wire wreath frame by tying it with the jute to the frame so the garland will not move around on the frame.
Now it is time to decorate your wreath using floral stems, picks and other season decorations accessorize your wreath.
Start with larger background stems and then begin layering smaller pieces on top. When you like the look, wire the items together. Use hot glue in areas where needed.
By wiring the wreath decorations together you can take them off and use the same wreath as a base for the next season!
Follow the link below for more tips and trick and to see how to layer the same wreath for a fall look!

Materials I used for this project:

  • 3 rolls Burlap 6" Wide Ribbon
  • Jute or Twine
  • Upholstery Needle
See all materials

To see more: http://divaofdiy.com/easy-burlap-wreath-tutorial/

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