Cool Bedrooms 03.18.14

Girls Budget Bedroom Makeover

After recently moving into a rental home, I needed to work with an existing wood wall to create a comfortable, beautiful, yet affordable room for a young tween. With some neutral paint, budget shopping, and a bit of ingenuity, my daughter now has a room to call her own! http://sophiasdecor.blogspot.com/2013/10/bud... #EasyUpdate
Time: 1 Day Cost: $125 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://sophiasdecor.blogspot.com/2013/10/budget-bedroom-makeover-for-rental-home.html

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  • Harriett Anderson Danbury, IA
    super, super job. I like the fact that instead of grousing about a wooden wall, you went to work & made it all beautiful....way to go!!
  • Angela Edwards Wake Forest, NC
    You always have the best ideas!!! Being featured in the Pottery Barn Pinterest board for Thanksgiving was awesome but no surprise :-) Miss having you here. ...Angie
  • Peggy Pfahler Mansfield, OH
    Love it
  • The Homely Fowl Fort Worth, TX
    Very nice!
  • Linda Snyder Mcminnville, OR
    I like the shears behind the bed. Good idea. I live in a rental also, and had not thought of it..thx, the room is quite lovely
  • Cindy South Jordan, UT
    LOVE this room, and that picture frame chalkboard is AMAZING!!!!
  • I love everything about this room
  • Linda Dade City, FL
    I would love to be your teen! It is beautiful!
  • Nance Anderson Cottage Grove, MN
    You did a great job. Very classy, very tasteful, and yet still the room of a teenager. Lucky girl!!
  • Dawn Canada
    I love it!
  • Robyn Cave Everett, WA
    dont like
  • Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    I would LOVE a room like this for me! :) (That mirror is an awesome find!)
  • Art is beauty Jenison, MI
    I love everything about this room
  • Dria @ Dio Marlborough, MA
    gorgeous room!!
  • very pretty!!