Girls Budget Bedroom Makeover

decorating ideas 03.18.16
After recently moving into a rental home, I needed to work with an existing wood wall to create a comfortable, beautiful, yet affordable room for a young tween. With some neutral paint, budget shopping, and a bit of ingenuity, my daughter now has a room to call her own!
Time: 1 Day Cost: $125 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Marcy, Professional Designer, Artist and Arts and Crafts Instructor
    Sophia, I enjoy seeing a pretty room on a budget, very nicely done.
  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH
    Awesome. The mirror was worth WAY more than what you paid for it, I have one that hung in my grandmothers home for a very long time. The pictures on the wall weren't mentioned but they are gorgeous!
  • Nancy Benner
    Nancy Benner Roseville, CA
    The outcome is elegant. The only thing that I would do differently for myself is hang the mirror, or A mirror, with the desk to use as a very charming vanity.
  • Debi53
    debi53 Broadway, NC
    Your daughter is blessed to have such a caring mom. What a lovely room for a young girl.
  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    You are very resourceful!your daughter must love her room!Its hard to narrow down 1 thing but I think the most clever feature is the curtains behind the bed. great ideas, thanks!
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