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Snowman Ornaments ~ From Golf Balls!

Snowman Ornaments ~ from golf balls! Here's a quick & easy craft perfect for party favors, holiday gifts and package toppers!
Cut the toe off a baby sock
Cut a thin strip off the same area and cut the loop open (this will be your tie)
Tie the sock with the strip you just cut and fringe by snipping the cut end towards the tie
Glue hat onto golf ball
Draw a face using permanent fine-tip markers
Attach a hanger to the fringe
Fun to make with kids or the whole family, these quick and easy little snowmen are great party favors, package toppers or gifts. All you need is baby socks, used golf balls, glue and markers! Let’s get crafting!
So, here are the little Snowman Ornaments! Check with golfing friends, at a golf range or in a sports shop and have some fun!
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(Our Fairfield Home and Garden)

To see more: http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/snowman-ornaments-from-golfballs/

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