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Create Beautiful Wall Art With a Cabinet Door

I've had paintings in my home since I first moved out on my own and with everything I craft and do, it was time for something different!
The finished project.
It started out as a 4 x 3' cabinet door, given to me by a sweet friend. The thing I love about it is the unique triangle of carved wood. What a great backdrop for ornamentation!
I primed the piece, painting the triangle a soft brown and the rest in cream color paint to match my walls.
Since I wanted a lot of dimension, I used our plaster molds to create pieces for the new art.
After priming and painting the pieces, I then gave them a cool new finish with brown glaze and little more cream colored paint just dry brushed over the piece to bring out further detail.
The bumps and ridges in the triangular section just screamed for just a hint of metallic gold paint, then dry brushed with black. The final look was that of reptile skin!
I plaster stenciled a border around the outside edge then used a lighter brown glaze to bring out the detail. It's now a permanent part of my living room decor.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Raised Plaster Tremont Furniture Borders Stencil   (http://victorialarsen.com/product/plaster-stencil-tremont-borders/)
  • Empire Medallion Plaster Mold   (http://victorialarsen.com/product/plaster-mold-empire-medallion/)
  • Romantic Round Plaster Mold   (http://victorialarsen.com/product/plaster-mold-romantic-round/)
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To see more: http://victorialarsen.com/decorating-gallery/turn-a-cabinet-door-in-to-wall-art/

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