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Our Living Room Makeover and Gallery Wall

Hi and welcome to our Living Room. Our home is 92 years old and when we bought it less than 2 years ago it need a serious makeover. Our living room is the front of the house. The door is right in the middle of the room, which makes it a little challenge to decorate it as there are two sides and it opens right up into the dining room. Wait to you see the before pictures. Are you ready?? see Below. Now before we moved in I only took one before pic and again I apologize for the grainy phone photo. This was with the previous owners stuff in it too. See how dark all the wood was. We did love the charm of the built in cabinets though. Our home was built it 1922 and we are the 3rd owners. We painted all the dark wood white and painted the walls what we thought was a light taupe shade and turned about to have some real pink or lavender under tones. We plan to repaint a little more neutral shade down the road. We bought our furniture from Living Spaces and that was our big splurge. Honestly in my 40+ years this was the first time I ever bought new furniture. Everything else has been hand me downs and flea market finds. You’ll see when you look at other rooms that most of our furniture is found treasures and Craig’s list is our new friend too. Anyway, the couch is super comfortable and we wanted to have something neutral but white is a little unrealistic for us as we have furry friends that live with us too. Also I love to change pillows and accessories to go with every Hallmark Holiday or change with the seasons, so this works well for us. Yes I am one of those gals. HA!! The coffee table is a chest and there is lots of storage in there too. The big oversized chair is also super comfortable and we move it around if we have a fire going and the ottoman doubles for extra seating. When we were shopping I fell in love with these two cute little ottomans with darling crowns or tiaras on top. They retailed for $170 and that wasn’t in our budget. I was so excited when I found this little great ottoman with a similar Tiara and look to it at Ross for $34.99. It’s perfect when we’re entertaining and need another seat, you can just grab it and pull it over, and of course I LOVE the Crown on it too. On the other side of our living room is a sitting area and my office area too. I found these tufted chairs on Craig’s list and got them for $150 for both. I just love them and I change the pillows around on them too. So I had mentioned this side is the sitting area/office area. Since I run an online business it’s more convenient for me to have most of the items I need downstairs. I had knee surgery last year and someday soon I will be running up and down those stairs but for now I’m walking slowly and this solution works best for me. I hide all my office supplies and shipping goodies in those great mirrored cabinet doors. We also found these pieces at Living Spaces and It has been fabulous to function for what we needed. I hide shipping boxes and other bigger items down there on the right too, but hopefully you didn’t notice that. Let’s scoot back over to the other side again. Our fireplace is quite large in size. Have you ever seen such a big mantle??? I had my eye out for a Huge mirror that could go above it, or something grand like that. They were all several hundred dollars and I kept seeing so many great gallery walls so I thought I’d give that a try. We received a wedding themed gallery wall picture frame set as a wedding gift and I got to thinking?? This could work. If only it was larger in size. So I shopped my house and found these two mirrored large frames but in sage green. So I laid them all out on my dining room table and added the words Believe and Dream to it too. I painted the large frames black to match. If you want to learn how I did it click here. Since this Living Room House tour I painted some drapes for the windows so it now looks like this. If you want to learn how I did that click here. So that’s our Living room! Lots more pictures on the blog. I hope you like it. Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I want to try one upstairs too. - Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa

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