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Our Living Room Makeover and Gallery Wall

Hi and welcome to our Living Room. Our home is 92 years old and when we bought it less than 2 years ago it need a serious makeover. Our living room is the front of the house. The door is right in the middle of the room, which makes it a little challenge to decorate it as there are two sides and it opens right up into the dining room. Wait to you see the before pictures. Are you ready?? see Below. Now before we moved in I only took one before pic and again I apologize for the grainy phone photo. This was with the previous owners stuff in it too. See how dark all the wood was. We did love the charm of the built in cabinets though. Our home was built it 1922 and we are the 3rd owners. We painted all the dark wood white and painted the walls what we thought was a light taupe shade and turned about to have some real pink or lavender under tones. We plan to repaint a little more neutral shade down the road. We bought our furniture from Living Spaces and that was our big splurge. Honestly in

To see more: http://concordcottage.com/the-living-room/

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  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI

    you did a beautiful job!, most people would have ran the other way when they saw that room..but you made it a warm and cozy place..i love that little office area

  • Lauren Zelt
    Lauren Zelt North Richland Hills, TX

    Looks great. .

  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY

    Lisa, it is such an inviting and lovely room! Very nice decor!

  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY

    You're welcome Lisa!'' Your ''Puddy Tat''(kittie) is also really pretty too

  • Susan Rawlings
    Susan Rawlings Avon, OH

    This is so sweet. I think you have just the right amount of design elements on the wall. Beautiful.