How to Paint $1 Flower Pots and Add Color to Your Backyard

Our backyard needs a lot of love but after pouring all our money into our 93 year old home I had to get creative this summer to make it look pretty, add some color and do it on a budget??? In less than an hour my daughter and I painted a bunch of these pots in red, yellow, green and orange. This is a great idea for kids because they don't have to be perfect.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
You can even add dots, stripes or handprints if you like. We have them all around our patio and it really gave it that “Punch” of color.
I found these terracotta pots at the .99 Cents Store and they carry them all year I believe!!!
We already had patio furniture so I just found some pretty striped cushions at Marshalls and covered a $2 ottoman with fun bright fabric.
I bought some pretty flowers at Armstrong Nursery, but if I hit it right some days I will find beautiful little flowers at the .99 Cents store too.
I just put a rock or two in the bottom for some drainage and then used a good potting compost to add in with the flowers.
I put them up our little stair way too and they coordinate with the striped rug.
Now we have two dogs and one is a puppy so if left unattended for too long she will knock them over and do a little digging, so I can easily move them up high when I need too.
Here's how I did it. I bought some craft paint at Michaels. You can usually find it for about $.69 to 1 and they always have coupons too. You can add the app right to your phone.
We applied two coats of paint and it dried in a couple hours outside.
We didn’t tape off as they are going outside and we weren’t going for perfection here.
So I just planted the pretty flowers and then watered them well. If you want to take a tour of our back yard please click above on our blog link and you can see our pretty pool too. Ideas Feature
Here they are a year later and the pots still look great and add fun bright color to your yard!!!
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa
Click on link below for full tutorial and more pictures

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