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Repurposed Pallet Into a Do-It-Yourself Bench

This was an awesome project. We ship our gutter guards from the plant to the main warehouse on pallets, so we had a few laying around and decided to make something out of them. After looking around a while here on HomeTalk.com we decided to combine a few of the ideas to make our own repurposed pallet bench.
We used about 4 pallets (free) and bought one 10ft cedar 4×4 post, eight 10in bolts, some washers & nuts. We had some deck screws laying around and also some leftover paint/stain to finish it off. All in all, we spent under $20-30. Sizes and prices may vary depending on your material sizes and desired bench.
1. Breakdown all the pallets into individual boards.
This is probably the most time consuming and difficult part. There were many methods being used here. It kind of seemed like, whatever works best for you… use it! Sometimes use a pry-bar. Sometimes whack it with a hammer. Put it on a table and use a 2×4 to spread out the impact across the nailed area, and whack that.

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  • Raindrop Gutter Guard Systems

    @Betty819 we used a sealer on it. Going to leave it out in the elements and probably put another coat on it next summer or when it needs one. Hey, using the pallet wood for the attic floor was a great recycle of it!

  • Judy
    Judy Kyle, TX

    This is such a great idea for using what you have. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marion Nesbitt

    Looks good. Cushion is a great add and needed for comfort.

  • Jeannette
    Jeannette Eugene, OR

    Driving through the commercial district yesterday I saw an old truck loaded with pallets. The driver was pulling into an alley to find more. Would like to know what that man is going to make with his treasure of pallets . I've seen floors made of

  • DB Woodcrafters
    DB Woodcrafters Fayetteville, GA

    What are the dimensions?