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White Painted Cabinets Simplify a Kitchen Renovation

I recently renovated my kitchen in just a few short weeks! We saved tons of money by not ripping out a single cabinet, nor did we change any of the appliances. But the room was completely transformed nonetheless. Take a look and see for yourself...
The photo above is the before picture. The cabinets were dark cherry, the floor was a bland dark ceramic, the counters were all black granite and the backsplash was an odd faux glass in a blue-grey shade. It was dark and depressing, despite being a perfecting good layout. Add to that the fact that I've always wanted a white kitchen. The direction I wanted to go in was clear!
The first few steps were to address the floor, counter and backsplash. For the counters, we decided to keep most of the black granite, first because of price, and second because it was already an elegant material. But so much black throughout the kitchen was dragging it down, so we simply chose to replace the counter on the island. We selected white quartz for durability to simulate the look of calacatta gold marble.
For the floor we went with a faux wood tile. You can see the details on the floor renovation here: Kitchen Floor Replacement
For the backsplash we chose a true marble tile. It matches our butler's pantry and we wanted to use it again. For the backsplash renovation details you can click here: Marble Backsplash Renovation
So with those steps out of the way we were beginning to see great progress but the most dramatic change was yet to come.
Our budget allowed for us to have the cabinets painted professionally, since we were saving so much on not ripping them out, but if you are a DIY-er you can save a whole lot more. The cabinet maker removed the doors and took them to his workshop to spray them there. The remaining parts were painted by hand and I didn't even have to remove everything from inside (since I knew we'd put putting everything in the dishwasher once the job was done).
One of the things I was most certain of was that I wanted to have a full wall of glass front cabinets. So for these cabinets the insides needed to be painted as well.
And here's the first shot of the finished cabinets. If you look back at the before picture, the change is quite dramatic.
The entire space was lightened up, so much so that our kitchen looks much bigger. It also has a more current and youthful look.
For hardware I knew I wanted the look of unlacquered brass. The bin pulls on the drawer fronts look much more updated than what we had before, while adding interest to the flat drawers.
The biggest transformation is the opened up look provided by the glass front cabinets. They are obviously empty in this photograph, but I spent a lot of time styling them, as well as adding vintage accessories to dress up the counters and the rest of the kitchen.
My crystal chandeliers that I added when we moved into our home a year ago, finally make sense. I knew all along what I was planning to do. For the completed kitchen with all of the final styling and accessories, you can click on the blog post link below. It's like having a completely new kitchen, and yet we completed it in just a few weeks!

To see more: http://designthusiasm.com/dramatic-kitchen-renovation/

  • Sukhaira
    Sukhaira Chicago, IL
    on Nov 17, 2016

    cool love this man

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Nov 17, 2016

    Words cannot describe how absolutely stunning this is. So happy for you Lory!!

  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Woodburn, OR
    on Nov 17, 2016

    I am drooling...what a lovely lovely space!

  • Whimsy
    Whimsy Ormond Beach, FL
    on Nov 17, 2016

    This is a beautiful transition. I did nearly the same with a small, dark and depressing kitchen; not even a window. I got a new flat, counter top stove in white and painted the cabinets white with marbleized, off white, back splash. I raised the lowered ceiling and added a light fixture. I am not quite happy with my choice of white. Could you tell me what make and shade your white is. I adore your chandeliers. They are such an elegant touch.

  • Merritt
    Merritt Anchorage, AK
    on Nov 17, 2016


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