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Cora’s Kitchen – Scrambled Eggs

My daughter is really into doing things herself and we put this little video together of her cooking scrambled eggs. I think it is the cutest thing i've ever seen, but that may just be a proud dad talking.
  • cora s kitchen scrambled eggs, kitchen design

To see more: http://www.simplydixon.com/2013/08/13/coras-kitchen-scrambled-eggs/

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  • Xena Nierobisz
    Xena Nierobisz Raleigh, NC

    so cute :)

  • Lemor Sidis
    Lemor Sidis Beverly Hills, CA

    seriously adorable! WAY TO GO CORA!

  • Shari
    Shari Tampa, FL

    Look out Paula Deen! You have some serious up and coming competition!

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