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How To Overwinter Potted Fig Trees

I could not find this information anywhere when I first started growing fig trees in pots, so I'm sharing it in case you need it too.
Many fig trees are hardy (can survive year round outdoors) in gardening zones 7 to 11. With these overwintering tips, you can keep them thriving in zones as low as 4.
'Overwintering' means protecting a plant through the cold winter months until it can resume growing in the warmth of spring once again.
You will need a winter storage space like a garage where (ideally) the temperature stays between 0-10°C / 32 to 50° F.
There's just a few simple steps to take in the fall and then again in the spring (see the image below). You're basically encouraging the tree to go to sleep and wake up again when winter is over.
I know some people who wish they could do this too!
Full details here -->http://www.empressofdirt.net/overwintering-figs/

To see more: http://www.empressofdirt.net/overwintering-figs/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Luis
    Luis East Haven, CT
    on Nov 7, 2013

    I keep mine in the unattachedgarage from the house with no heat and they do very well, as soon as I put themoutside I ad to the soil lime about a 1/2 cup for a large pot make the figsmuch sweeter.

  • Joan
    Joan Beaverton, OR
    on Nov 8, 2013

    My Vern's brown turkey fig stays out all year in a large pot. We are in zone 7, Hillsboro, OR. the leaves are now off of it and the figs are still ripening.

  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa
    Empress of Dirt - Melissa Canada
    on Nov 8, 2013

    Yes, many are hardy from zone 7 up. I'm in zone 6 so I have to bring mine in for the winter or wrap them up.

  • Barb Rosen
    Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
    on Nov 9, 2013

    Our fig tree is on the side of the house protected from wind and we just chop it back each year. So far, so good!

    • Barb Rosen
      Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
      on Nov 11, 2013

      @Empress of Dirt - Melissa ~ Yes, that is why I picked a protected area so it has a microclimate. We are right on the edge of its hardiness zone.

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