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Transform a Mirror With Shutters

Lately I'm been preoccupied with shutter projects. I was lucky enough to score a pile of shutters and now I'm totally obsessed with all the ways a shutter can be upcycled. I've already shared a couple on Hometalk, a headboard and a coffee table. I have a few more projects on my website but look for more in the future as I use up my supply.
This project uses just one shutter, cut in half, and an outdated mirror.
First up was cutting the shutter in half. While the two halves were the perfect length, they didn’t quite match. One side had slats going all the way to the bottom and the other side had an oversized bottom frame.
I never knew before I started doing all these shutter projects how easy slats are to remove. With a jigsaw, I cut one side of the slats and the other side just pulls out so I was left with an equal number of slats on each side.
With a kreg jig and wood glue I attached a wood piece to the shutter to match the border on the other side..
Before painting, I filled the kreg jig holes with wood putty and sanded.
With a jigsaw, I sawed off the 1980's decorative top of the mirror and sanded.
Finished with a couple layers of chalk paint.
The shutters were attached to the mirror with preexisting hinges but a couple of T hinges would look great on this piece.
Want the same look but don't have a shutter? May want to consider using a louvered door.
For more step by step pictures, painting tips and more shutter projects I hope you get a chance to visit me at the link below.

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  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    on Nov 19, 2016

    This would be a good idea in a basement with few windows, thanks.

  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    on Nov 20, 2016

    I love this idea. What I am inspired to do is to convert it into a narrow 'cupboard' by the addition of frame and shelves behind the mirror. It would be perfect for storing small items or even as a medicine cupboard. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Valerie
      Valerie South Africa
      on Nov 20, 2016

      Wow!!! I have had a look and it is absolutely perfect! But now I have abandoned the mirror idea and will follow your shutter cupboard idea - I already have a number of shutters lying in my garage, as well as enough scrap wood - absolutely perfect! Your website is fantastic, you are so creative!

  • Theduke1234
    on Nov 20, 2016

    This idea is a WINNER!! I totally love it.........I have others plans for it then above the fireplace. Oh YEAH!!

  • Dl.leplat
    Dl.leplat San Jose, CA
    on Nov 20, 2016

    Great idea for my tiny windowless bathroom!

  • Patricia Green
    Patricia Green Livonia, MI
    on Nov 20, 2016

    I like this project! I was thinking it would be awesome used in the bedroom as a jewelry cupboard: put hooks, pockets, and Velcro tabs on the inside of doors.

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