DIY Bathroom Renovation

My husband and I completely renovated my father's outdated and neglected master bathroom in less than 24 hours. This included replacing the toilet, sink, vanity, mirror, light fixture, other bathroom fixtures, and flooring. In all, it was very easy to do and it's amazing what you can accomplish when your heart's set on something. A complete tutorial on how we renovated the bathroom may be found at my blog, Paint Speckled Pawprints:
Time: 24 Hours Cost: $1000 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Robin Norris
    Robin Norris Lake Charles, LA
    Question? How old was the house? We are living in a 60s vintage house that has vinyl floor and I'm wondering if tearing it out will release asbestos? Can't we go over the top?
    • Kirsten S
      Kirsten S Blacksburg, VA
      Robin Norris The house was built in 1979, and everything in the bathroom was original. You can absolutely install tile over your existing vinyl as long as the vinyl is in decent shape.
  • Sidney
    Sidney Pilot Point, TX
    I really like the original turquoise tile, so I'm glad that you left it. The beige looks wonderful with it.
    • Kirsten S
      Kirsten S Blacksburg, VA
      Sidney Thank you, Sidney! The shower was the only thing in my dad's bathroom that was operable, so I didn't want to touch it. I was worried about it clashing, but the towels my dad
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Fantastic Job! It does not take tens of thousands of dollars to do a renovation on a bathroom. Not everyone can afford nor wants one of those elaborate redos because they do not consider a bathroom anything but a "functional" room (I am one of those). I
    • Kirsten S
      Kirsten S Blacksburg, VA
      Jeanette S I completely agree! I encourage everyone I know to try renovating their home themselves first instead of hiring contractors. The end result is always a lot more
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    As much as I love those $25,000 bathroom renovations, I cannot afford to do my 3 full baths and the half bath. I am enclosing a photo of where we took down wall paper after so many years and the wall was in awful shape. I would even think about having
    • Jeanette S
      Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
      Lou Ann Newell The beadboard is great. And for that flexible pipe that goes to fill the toilet, a slit can be cut in it with a small hole for the hose, bend the beadboard to
  • Robin S
    Robin S Grayson, KY
    Great job Kirsten! You have excellent taste!
  • Driftwood Gardens
    Driftwood Gardens Forked River, NJ
    Looks fantastic! My bathroom is next on my list of projects. Thanks for sharing.
  • Donna Hallowell
    Donna Hallowell Keene, NH
    Is the paint Gray or blue, it's hard to tell. Either way it's beautiful.
  • Fran Barrett
    Fran Barrett Decatur, GA
    Well done! Thanks for sharing it!
  • Linda
    Linda Baltimore, MD
    great job, lucky Dad
  • Kevin F
    Kevin F Nanty Glo, PA
    Beautiful Job. One Lucky Father. I Especially love the lights. Helped me make a decision in my BR. The vanity mirror is not a medicine chest. I also rejuvenated my bathroom, retiled the floor, pedestal sink, and a Niagra top flush toilet. My hold up is
  • Rita Revell
    Rita Revell Salt Lake City, UT
    I really like the new look.
  • Lou Ann Newell
    Lou Ann Newell Birmingham, AL
    This looks great and I am sure that your dad loves it!!
  • Lou Ann Newell
    Lou Ann Newell Birmingham, AL
    Sounds great Jeanette! Thanks for the info.
  • Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell Port Townsend, WA
    Great JOB!!!!!
  • Charlda W
    Charlda W Lindale, TX
    how did you cut around the ceramic tile on floor? We were thinking of doing this also in our bathroom but don't want have the uneven cuts.
Kirsten S