DIY Bathroom Renovation

My husband and I completely renovated my father's outdated and neglected master bathroom in less than 24 hours. This included replacing the toilet, sink, vanity, mirror, light fixture, other bathroom fixtures, and flooring. In all, it was very easy to do and it's amazing what you can accomplish when your heart's set on something. A complete tutorial on how we renovated the bathroom may be found at my blog, Paint Speckled Pawprints:
Time: 24 Hours Cost: $1000 Difficulty: Moderate
  • This is a Before and After of the bathroom renovation. We gutted and painted the room, then installed a new toilet, sink, vanity, light fixture, faucet, toilet paper holder and towel rack, and ceramic tile floors.
  • This photo shows the new paint choices, light fixture, vanity mirror, vanity plus sink, faucet, towel rack, and toilet. Everything was completed by my husband and myself.
  • This photo showcases the new ceramic tile floor, toilet, vanity, and toilet paper holder.
  • We removed the old linoleum floors and installed a new ceramic tile floor.

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Kirsten S