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How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

A few months back, one of our good friends got new living room furniture and was selling their old couch and recliner for almost nothing. Usually I am weird about buying pieces like this because I know firsthand the nastiness that can be embedded in the fabric. But, it was such a good deal that I was going to try to clean it and if that did not work, then I would throw a slipcover over it and be done.
First, I vacuumed the couch well to remove crumbs and dirt.
Next, I spot cleaned it with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I read that you should not use other cleaners on microfiber because they can leave spots. I used a microfiber rag and worked in small areas, spraying and rubbing with the rag. You could also use a scrubbing brush for stubborn stains.
Once I finished cleaning a decent sized area, I went over it with the steam cleaner to remove any last bit of stains. I used the small, round brush head to fluff up the couch fibers.
I repeated these steps until I had cleaned the entire couch. Click the link below to see the amazing Before and After photos!

To see more: http://www.realgirlsrealm.com/2016/12/cleaning-microfiber-couch.html

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