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Macrame Privacy Wall

Earlier this year I asked for suggestion for creating a separating wall between neighbors.
  • macrame privacy wall
My neighbor ran a cable from my garage to the house. I started by adding butcher's twine working strings. I was trying be consistent with spacing and the knots I used.
  • macrame privacy wall
I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to keep my knots even. Normally, I work on a board on smaller projects, but working against the wind and the height was a real eye opener.
  • macrame privacy wall
I decided to go with panels so each would be different and add a little interest.
  • macrame privacy wall
I cannot tell you how many times I changed the patterns. Even then I was still not impressed with the outcome.
  • macrame privacy wall
It is very hard to keep the rows even. Again, the wind just takes the strings wherever it likes.
  • macrame privacy wall
I tried to use all of the knots in my repertoire to keep the "wall" interesting.
  • macrame privacy wall
When I thought I was "finished", I wrapped a 1/4" piece of conduit with the ending knots. After looking at the wall for a couple of months, I decided that next summer I would add 2 more panels and work on the ones I already knotted. The ultimate goal is to have Ivy, Honeysuckle, and cardinal climbers grow up the wall and create a little more privacy.

Materials I used for this project:

  • 3 Cones of Butcher's Twine   (Ace Hadware)
  • Cable   (had on hand)
  • 1/4" conduit   (had on hand)
  • Barb
    Barb Buffalo, NY


  • Ronnie Morrow
    Ronnie Morrow Palmyra, MO

    Virginia Creeper will cover it in 2 years and has berries for birds. We get Praying Mantis every year also keeps the bugs down. Complete cover spring to mid fall.

  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI

    Terrific idea! Until...neighbors sprayed the fence-line with grass killer and I lost my morning glories, then lost my raspberry garden! I recommend you NOT put it close to the fence, at least 12 feet away due to unthinking & hateful neighbors!

    • Rkbragdon

      Barbara, this happened to me one year in my vegetable garden. Overspray killed my tomatoes. I was devastated. My neighbors are pretty good about that and I think my "wall" is far enough away.

  • Phillyb
    Phillyb Stanhope, NJ

    That is cool AF. I love it, but I'm lazy, and not talente. You go girl.

  • Sandy sutherland

    A suggestion for spacing... I have knotted several hammocks, and to keep the diamonds even, I used an old yardstick or other straight piece across the work (tie off the two edges first to hold it in place) and knot along the guide.

    • Rkbragdon

      Sandy, I tried doing that, but the wind had other ideas. Thanks for the input. I will try that with my more stationary pieces.

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