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Macrame Privacy Wall

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Earlier this year I asked for suggestion for creating a separating wall between neighbors.
  • macrame privacy wall
My neighbor ran a cable from my garage to the house. I started by adding butcher's twine working strings. I was trying be consistent with spacing and the knots I used.
  • macrame privacy wall
I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to keep my knots even. Normally, I work on a board on smaller projects, but working against the wind and the height was a real eye opener.
  • macrame privacy wall
I decided to go with panels so each would be different and add a little interest.
  • macrame privacy wall
I cannot tell you how many times I changed the patterns. Even then I was still not impressed with the outcome.
  • macrame privacy wall
It is very hard to keep the rows even. Again, the wind just takes the strings wherever it likes.
  • macrame privacy wall
I tried to use all of the knots in my repertoire to keep the "wall" interesting.
  • macrame privacy wall
When I thought I was "finished", I wrapped a 1/4" piece of conduit with the ending knots. After looking at the wall for a couple of months, I decided that next summer I would add 2 more panels and work on the ones I already knotted. The ultimate goal is to have Ivy, Honeysuckle, and cardinal climbers grow up the wall and create a little more privacy.

Materials I used for this project:

  • 3 Cones of Butcher's Twine   (Ace Hadware)
  • Cable   (had on hand)
  • 1/4" conduit   (had on hand)
  • Elaine Darrow Wilt
    Elaine Darrow Wilt Liverpool, NY

    Beautiful but not really a privacy wall.

    • Deb_tang

      The article said they are adding Ivy, Honeysuckle, and Cardinal climbers to create more privacy.

  • Debbie Sautner

    i'd put some colored wood beads in there somewhere

  • Geoff Mallette

    I thought they were going to let vines grow on the twine.

    • Rkbragdon

      Geoff, as soon as the last frost date passes. I will be there with my vine shoots ready to plant! C'mon Spring!

  • Ken Vierstra

    I thought hops, but green beans would give you a food and privacy.

    • Joey
      Joey Oquawka, IL

      The pole bean variety Cobra, s a great producer! unlike bush beans, pole beans produce until frost!

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald Lewis Shallotte, NC

    You really ought to consider if you could do other designs and try them on neighbors and friends then go into doing this to supplement your income. You've done an outstanding job...

    • Rkbragdon

      Thanks, Donald. I am considering making doorways and other smaller pieces for outside use. I am also begging paracord companies to sponsor me to make other large pieces, which I would make on spec. Thanks again.

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