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Cheapest & Easiest DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

No Sew Curtains. All you need is a washing machine & dryer and a Iron. The end result is good quality curtains that hang nice due to the weight of the fabric and best yet? They're 15/Canadian a Panel OR 10/US A Panel!
I’ve literally seen these drop sheet curtains everywhere. My farmhouse heart wanted to try these months ago but we were in the midst of moving and all the other things we’ve gone through in the last few months, I just didn’t have time. This weekend we had a MASSIVE snow storm. We received over 16 INCHES of snow and we were literally snowed in. It warmed up a bit today to +1 so the snow on the roads melted so we were able to go to the store.
I finally decided to take on the easiest drop sheet curtains. I mean, It’s literally the easiest so I have no idea why I didn’t do it months ago. I bought my curtain rods from here for pennies and my curtain rings from here & the super adorable farmhouse curtains are from here.
Here’s how my room looked pre-curtains. Also, please don’t judge my ultra small rug. My OCD self is so bugged by the fact that my sofa and chair can’t sit on the rug. We sold our old bigger rug as it didn’t jive with the space, so we’re saving for this rug and in the meantime we are using this tiny little rug to warm up the space.
I started off by throwing them in the wash because when you first buy them they’re super starchy and it feels like an entirely different fabric. I also threw in some laundry detergent to give them a yummy smell and then threw them in the dryer and dried them until they were completely dry.
Next step is ironing them. I mean, you could totally skip this step if you love a grungy, unkept look, but I wanted something more kept. I gave the curtains a quick iron and flipped the tops over 2 feet. I know some don’t like the look of the 2 feet of fabric hanging from the top, but I feel like that makes these curtains.
I literally searched for curtains for over a year in the last house and every time I bought a pair it just didn’t look good with my room. I love how heavy the fabric of these drop sheets are, so it hangs so pretty.
Here’s how they look all hung and pretty. I’ve to be honest. I didn’t watch the other two panels because I didn’t want to waste 50 dollars if they didn’t turn out. So the other window is currently not dressed yet.
Do you love them or hate them? I’m so in love with them. Every time I do a DIY project that includes scissors I am very nervous. I’m not crafty at all. I might be good with paint and able to restore an old piece, but I am not crafty. So if I can do these super easy drop sheet curtains, so can you!
I had to iron the first two panels three times, so make sure you dry them extra good. Second pair ironed a lot easier.
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Jess xo

Materials I used for this project:

  • Drop Sheets   (Home Depot)
  • Curtain Rod   (Amazon)
  • Curtain Clips   (Home Depot)

To see more: http://www.theruggedrooster.com/diy-easiest-drop-sheet-curtains/

  • B_p_luetkemeyer
    on Dec 13, 2016

    I love the look. We are moving to a new home in a couple of weeks. I plan to make this my first project for our new home. Thank you for tutorial!

  • Rachelmary
    Rachelmary Warwick, RI
    on Dec 13, 2016

    My kind of room , love the use of drop clothes.

  • Cat
    Cat Aberdeen, MD
    on Dec 13, 2016

    omg i want to do this. i really want linen curtains but they cost an arm and a leg. thank you for the idea!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mfbandit769
    Mfbandit769 Tallahassee, FL
    on Dec 13, 2016

    Yes, this is an easy way to make window coverings. However, I would drop them about 5 to 6 inches so they are the correct length...they're a bit short and my eyes kept going to the gap between the bottom and the floor.

  • Brenda
    Brenda Levering, MI
    on Dec 13, 2016

    A vast improvement to your existing windows. How clever! I'm sure your new home will be lovely.

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