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Remember the "kids" Table? Your Kids Will Actually Love This One!

Do you remember wanting to graduate to the "big" table when you were a kid? Not anymore! Your kids will love this fun table created just for them, including their own silverware in mason jars, mismatched plates and their own way to learn gratitude.
Difficulty: Easy
How many of you can remember the “kids” table? Company comes over. Relatives visit and pinch your cheeks and tell you how much you’ve grown.
You got banished to the “kids” table. Your biggest goal in life was to graduate to the “grownup” table because it looked like the adults had so much more fun!
Can anyone relate? Or are you like me and would give anything to sit at the “kids” table now even if just for a few minutes?
I’m here to show you how to make your Thanksgiving table so unique the kids will actually want to have their own table.
A complete tutorial is provided on these adorable mason jar silverware holders.
Silverware is tied with jute and wrapped in a paper napkin. No cloth napkins for little hands to stain and you to wash!
Add a cardstock printable and ask your kids what they're grateful for. Make sure and listen to their precious answers!

To see more: http://martysmusings.net/2013/11/thanksgiving-table-setting-kids.html

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