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Christmas Lantern Decoration Ideas

Lanterns are classic decor for Christmas! Sometimes it's tricky to know how to fill them, though, especially if they're a large size. Today I'm sharing two suggestions with you.
Add a simple sprig of greenery and a few other embellishments, and you have a quick and easy accessory, mantle decor, or centerpiece. The red berries in the bottom were clipped from faux floral picks from the craft store.
Another option is to load one up with ornaments and add some lights for sparkle and shine! This is a fun way to display vintage ornaments as I've done here, or you can select particular colors based on your palette. Some other color combo ideas are ornaments in various shades of the same color, classic red and green, or mixed metallics would be gorgeous!
To fill lanterns that have a side opening door like these, I turn them upside down, add a layer of ornaments (which will eventually be at the top), then begin adding the string of lights. About a 20 bulb mini light set is perfect. Wind a few lights among the ornaments, then continue layering ornaments and lights until the lantern is as full as you'd like, working your way to the end of the light string. Be sure to leave enough of the cord out to be able to plug it in. I was able to squeeze the end of the cord through the door opening and then use an extension cord to plug it in, since you won't have much length of cord left. I prefer to turn the door to the back as well so the cord won't show.
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I'd love for you to visit my blog for a few other super easy Christmas craft ideas!

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  • Tameca Carter
    Tameca Carter Clinton, MD

    I love this, and I may have to borrow this idea. Thank you!

  • Comet
    Comet Oradell, NJ

    Don't forget you can use BATTERY OPERATED strings of small lights--avail at Walmart and other places--I have had a string of these in my bedroom that has been in there since last year and was turned on about every day for hours; recently as a kind of

  • Andrea Reed
    Andrea Reed Coal Township, PA

    Thank you so much for letting me know where to get one..

  • Time With Thea

    How creative and resourceful! They look fabulous!

  • Linda Schultz
    Linda Schultz Round Lake, IL

    Thank you for all the ideas...I will definitely be pulling my lantern out this Christmas!!

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