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Tension Rod Shoe Storage

Shoe lover? I certainly am, but living in Brooklyn with limited space can sometimes cause chaos in the closet. An easy way to organize your shoes is with some tension rods! Tension rods are honestly a staple in organization these days and this hack is no exception. By simply installing some tension rods in your closet you can rest your shoes in an orderly fashion easily. We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
SUPPLIES: -Tension Rods (As many as needed...)
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 1: Take note of how terribly disorganized your closet is so that you can marvel at it when you are done. *This before picture is such a mess. This is also only some of my shoes hehe....

  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 2: Take a tension rod and fit it to the sides of the closet. I got these tensions rods on Amazon and they worked beautifully. If you have some tension rods lying around your home (they're quite handy), you can just use those.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 3: Take the tension rod out and pull out an extra inch from the size you measured in step 2. Twist the rod into a locked position so that it is nice and sturdy.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 4: Place your tension rod in the closet close to the wall. Repeat steps 2-4 with as many rods as needed.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 5: Now grab some shoes and start stacking them onto the rods. *Because most of my shoes have a nice chunky heel they are able to balance on one rod. If you have more delicate shoes they may have a tendency to fall through the back. If this is the case you can buy the thinner rods and double up. Basically you would place 2 small rods next to each other almost creating a shelf for the shoes to rest on. For heels you can do them slightly offset so the heel rests on the back rod and the toe on the front. For the shoes I was storing all I needed was the standard rods, but I may have to alter it for some of my other shoes.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
STEP 6: Take a step back and revel at how much simpler your life just became.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
As you can see the heftiness of my shoes made them capable of staying on one rod, but two would certainly give them more stability.
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
Now I have all this great floor space to store other things... like more shoes :)
  • tension rod shoe storage, storage ideas
I can actually see my options now! Got to love getting organized!

Material I used for this project:

  • 3 Curtain Tension Rod   (Amazon)
  • Toni
    Toni Hubbard, OR

    fabulous idea!!!

  • Msmtge

    WOW - thank you so much for sharing.

  • EllieBellie
    EllieBellie Danbury, CT

    Excellent idea with NO WORK !!!!!

  • Joyce Haley

    Yes. I have tried every other way I can think of and I will try this.

  • Julie Cassidy
    Julie Cassidy Anchorage, AK

    I've done this in my closet years ago and love the extra storage. Add tension rods highe and hang scarves

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