• Txvoodoo
    Txvoodoo Fort Worth, TX
    These are EXACTLY the kind of cabinets I want for my office.
  • Sharon
    Sharon Beavercreek, OR
    Very Nice
  • DebJ
    DebJ Winchester, IN
    I have been thinking about doing this very thing in my dining room closet. Right now I have my sewing and craft stuff in there but once all the kids are out of the house I am going to convert one of their rooms into my sewing room. I would leave the
  • Jan Vaccaro
    what ARE the upper cabinets made from? Great job! how difficult was breaking down the dresser to make the desk?
    • Saving4Six
      Saving4Six Chardon, OH
      Jan Vaccaro I will be getting to that post SOON!! I'll let you know when I do!
    • Carol T
      Carol T Oswego, IL
      Jan Vaccaro On my desk many years ago, I used two ivory filing cabinets, and a nice piece of oak, stained and varnished. It's now been used by 2 grandsons in their bedrooms. Still looks great! Great job savingfor6 !
  • MaeGatineau
    MaeGatineau Canada
    we just took off the door added shelves and put base board around where the door was ,if i ever need to use it in the bedroom again we just take out a few shelves and put a door back on ,its in a spare bedroom i use for a computer office room
  • Val
    Val Canada
    Love your redo! I'm in the middle of a closet to office project myself. Isn't it fun to knock a wall out?

    Val @

  • MaeGatineau
    MaeGatineau Canada
    This was what we did with a spare bedroom closet i use the room for my computer and pictures ,photo albums ,,books
  • Karen Cericola
    Karen Cericola Albuquerque, NM
    Very inspiring!
  • Chris B
    Chris B Hoopeston, IL
    I think you did a great job!
  • Belle
    Belle Chicago, IL
    What a good idea and great use of space!!!
  • Pam Sanders-Goodwin
    Love this idea 💡! Great job!
  • Molly Bibb
    Molly Bibb Dallas, TX
    This project brings back so many memories. My dad did this same thing for one of my closets in my room. Very nice job!
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    I love how your mind works. Great job, I'm so impressed.
  • Carol
    Carol Saint Charles, IL
    I have the perfect closet for this. Thanks
  • Gilda Penshorn-Sebold
    Gilda Penshorn-Sebold Annapolis, MD
    Wow! I am impressed. Beautiful !!!