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Closet Turned Office Reveal

We had a coat closet in our dining room. It was really just a junk collector that I struggled to keep organized. Then the brilliant idea came to transform it into an office space. After taking out the old closet, cutting out a portion of the wall, reusing old furniture and thrifting, we were able to create this practical and very beautiful space.

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  • Char1127 Valparaiso, IN
    Wish I had a newer home (currently living in older home before closets were invented) bummer huh!! I would do this in a heart beat, love the idea and very well done.
    • Saving4Six Chardon, OH
      Char1127 Our house will be 100 years old next year and I will admit the closets are sparse. I just thought this would be a better use of my space... and it is!!
  • Jan 3 Boll Muskegon, MI
    And, if you didn't want people to see it, you could add folding doors; that way if you were in the middle of something and didn't want anyone to see it you could just close the doors.
  • Dolly Granger Lafayette, LA
    Wow I did that to my daughters closet in the early 60's.......great idea.
  • Mae Paulhamus Freehold, NY
    My granddaughter did this without ripping out her closet
  • Staci Wilson Manila, UT
  • Txvoodoo Fort Worth, TX
    These are EXACTLY the kind of cabinets I want for my office.
  • Sharon Beavercreek, OR
    Very Nice
  • DebJ Winchester, IN
    I have been thinking about doing this very thing in my dining room closet. Right now I have my sewing and craft stuff in there but once all the kids are out of the house I am going to convert one of their rooms into my sewing room. I would leave the
  • what ARE the upper cabinets made from? Great job! how difficult was breaking down the dresser to make the desk?
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    we just took off the door added shelves and put base board around where the door was ,if i ever need to use it in the bedroom again we just take out a few shelves and put a door back on ,its in a spare bedroom i use for a computer office room
  • Val Canada
    Love your redo! I'm in the middle of a closet to office project myself. Isn't it fun to knock a wall out?

    Val @

  • MaeGatineau Canada
    This was what we did with a spare bedroom closet i use the room for my computer and pictures ,photo albums ,,books
  • Karen Cericola Albuquerque, NM
    Very inspiring!
  • Chris B Hoopeston, IL
    I think you did a great job!