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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY

    Gail you are so talented! How do you come up with so many amazing ideas?

  • Judy Packer
    Judy Packer Arlington, TX

    I love this; it is so very pretty. I've given away so many pieces that were given to me that would have made a beautiful tree like this. :-( I'll have to start collecting again so I can make one for next year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Jennifer O'Hara
    Jennifer O'Hara Hayward, CA

    @Gail@Purple Hues and Me it's just lovely. Spectacular really! I can't wait to make one, I have all the ingrediants that's for sure, but I wonder Gail what did you use as the gold backing? Did you wrap something around it, or paint it or something

  • Karen J
    Karen J Whitesville, WV

    thanks for sharing, this is very pretty.

  • Marissa Morin

    The tree is very pretty. I have seen several Christmas trees done in picture frames with all rhinestone jewelry and small Christmas lights. They were beautiful. The lights made the jewelry sparkle beautifully.