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Is there a such thing as purple knockout roses?

A couple of volunteers and I are in the process of planning a memorial bench that we are going to build to place at the library for a little girl who was killed by her step father.  We are trying to figure out what plants and flowers we want.  The little girl's favorite color was purple, so it was suggested to look for purple knockouts due to their long bloom time.  I cannot find a such thing.  Does anyone know if these exist or have any other suggestions?  I live in zone 5 and have very cold winters and do not want to place any plants or flowers that will need a lot of maintenance (as in digging bulbs up every fall).   THANKS IN ADVANCE!! 
  • BeazerBea
    BeazerBea West Chicago, IL

    Have never heard of a Purple Knock Out Roses- the only lasting blooming blast would be the Blue Hygrangea.

  • Jane Staude
    Jane Staude Jefferson, WI

    I wouldn't put Roses in because they all take some care, there are no purple knock out roses. The Miss Kim lilac also take a bit of trimming to stay small, I have them and they also take care. A good suggestion is bulbs and fountain grass, easy to

  • Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum
    Tizer Botanic Gardens &... Jefferson City, MT

    For many years Growers have been trying to create a deeppurple & a black rose. I think it will be a long time in the making, ifever. Many flowers labeled purple is not what most people think of as purple. You may want to look at a Barbara Streisand

  • Ann S
    Ann S Kalamazoo, MI

    Illinois still gets to cold for them, look what I did hoping they just get threw our winter here in Michigan & if there was purple I would have them being favorite color. I agree with Douglas a small purple lilac would do much better!

  • Flowerscapes Garden Design & Landscaping

    Twighlight Zone is a great deep purple rose with a delicious fragrance.