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  • Virginia
    Virginia Prairieville, LA

    I am doing a lot of chalk Paint. (annie sloan). But I have a great idea coming. check it out in about a month. But I really like your chair idea. Thanks V

  • Linda Crandall
    Linda Crandall Chandler, AZ

    Virginia go to my blog for full instructions. www.helloilivehere.com let me know if you need more instructions.

  • JCowan
    JCowan Bay City, TX

    my daughter and I did this with three chair and made a bench to put by her front door so everyone could take sit their shoes off and on

  • Alicia
    Alicia Teaneck, NJ

    Wow! I wish my grandmother saw this before throwing out her old dinning room set.Her chairs would have been perfect for this project. Great idea :)

    • Linda Crandall
      Linda Crandall Chandler, AZ

      @Alicia Thank you Alicia - I rescue old pieces almost every day that they toss away :-)

  • Debi Ensinger Jolin

    Love this

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