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Barn Quilt

I had this blank wall on the out side of my house, I hated it. I planted Ivey, a tree noting looked right. I decided to make a small Barn Quilt got ideas from Pinterest.
I had fun deciding, drew it out first before painting. It took about a week to complete. I allowed each coat of paint to dry overnight or several hours. Before moving on.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
This is my blank wall. With the shadow of a limb from the pecan tree that is just out of sight.
We like in the country, and snakes are not my friend, I like to have the front cut close so I can see them when they visit.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
My husband cut and framed the back of exterior grade plywood using wood screws.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
I sanded the edges and the face side.
After I finished I realized I could have, should have, filled in the gaps on the edge with woodpuddy. But you learn from your mistakes.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Painted both front and back to make it more weather proof.
Three coats each side and edge.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
I cut out my design using craft paper.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Traced it onto the face of my finished board
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Taped the edges of the design to apply my base color.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Two coats of each color blue and red, tape removed and reapplied before painting white two coats again.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Tape applied for pin stripe.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Red strip next to blue and blue strip next to red for contrast.
We live in a herricaine zone so we hund it with C clamps so it can be taken down an move in.
It is also hanging to high husband to make me wire extensions to center it.
  • barn quilt, outdoor living
Thanks for all the Imput. This is it almost centered. To answer a few question,
I live on the Gulf coast, husband is retired Military , who flies his own airplane. We live in a flyin community. Hence the color and design choice.
Hung from top not into bricks, husband refuses to drill into the bricks.
PS...We had to add a rubber tubbing to the back, after a bad winter storm, to protect both the wall and the quilt.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Exterior grade Plywood   (Had)
  • Latex Paint one each of Bear red, white and blue   (Lowes)
  • Blue painters tape   (Had)
See all materials

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