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  • Charlene Neuenschwander
    Charlene Neuenschwander White House, TN
    So cute. Wish I had a little one to build this for.
  • Mary
    Mary Clarkson, KY
    You are very welcome!!
  • Linda Franey
    Linda Franey Fenton, MO
    Brilliant! So nice that Santa is able to fulfill her Christmas wish!
  • Barbara Straczynski
    Barbara Straczynski Sayreville, NJ
    She won't even know you made it, looks as good as the real one, great job!!!!!
  • Lisa Ingram
    Lisa Ingram Baton Rouge, LA
    u mean the $200 gymnastic set was for a doll????? wth!!!
  • Judy4justice
    Judy4justice Pleasant Grove, AL
    You should have taken a picture of both of them side by side,I can't tell any difference.Amazing job!
  • Babs Donovan
    Babs Donovan Madison, OH
    U R awesome!
  • Terry Walker Allison
    As a Grandma that just spent almost that much for American Girl items, I so admire your thinking outside the box. Thanks for sharing this great gift and reminding others that it's not anout the $$'s !
  • Linda Call
    Linda Call Bonham, TX
    cute - looks like the pvc jumps I've made for our miniature horses.
  • Kathy Turner
    Kathy Turner Denton, TX
    Looks great!
  • Penster47
    Penster47 Verona, MO
    I can't believe anyone with a conscience would spent that kind of money on a toy for a doll! What kind of values are we teaching our children and grandchildren?
  • Heather Johnson-True
    So cute!
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  • Elizabeth Caldwell
    Elizabeth Caldwell South Strafford, VT
    Just made this for my niece. A 3/4 inch dowel does not fit on a 1/2 in pipe though. We skipped that step. She loves it!
  • Connie Twardize
    Connie Twardize Bay City, MI
    made it for my granddaughter. How cute. Any ideas for other am girl projects?
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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