DIY Countertop Revival

kitchen ideas 04.20.16
This is the perfect project for renters or apartment dwellers! Are your kitchen countertops ugly and dated? Use contact paper to revive them! All you need for this project is decorative contact paper or adhesive shelf liner, which I found at Target for $5.24; clear caulk (about $3 at any home improvement store); a razor blade or box cutter; and finally, Mod Podge or a food-safe sealant. I searched a lot of stores for shelf liner in a black and white design,and on my expedition I found many options: faux wood grain, faux stainless steel, and other cute options that just didn't happen to match my vision, but may be perfect for your home. Get creative with your countertops!
Time: 1 Hour Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Pat Cobb
    Pat Cobb Gibsonville, NC
    Thanks for sharing. I love how your counter top looks.
  • Michelle
    Michelle Roanoke, VA
    using contact does not have a smell I have asthma and used contact paper in a variety of places and with not problem. I think I will find some pretty contact paper to do my awful brown/black countertops that previous owners put in.
  • Joanne Wolfe
    Joanne Wolfe Everett, WA
    I'm not sure how to word this delicately, no matter how cute we think this is, putting on the counters of a rental property is not right. Unless you are prepared to either remove it yourself before vacating the property or forfeiting your damage deposit.
    • Coral
      Coral Henderson, NV
      Joanne Wolfe Contact paper comes up very easily and without damage. No need to worry.
  • Joanne Wolfe
    Joanne Wolfe Everett, WA
    Yes, I bet it is even easier to remove with the Mod podge on top of it.
  • Madilyn
    Madilyn Warren, MI
    I actually used beautiful scrap booking paper on my bathroom counter and wrapping paper on my kitchen. Today there are such pretty papers out there it is hard to resist covering every surface! lol You can use scrap booking paper in the kitchen as well
Megan Poletti