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DIY Custom Pantry

In our new home, we had plenty of closet space, but not enough pantry space to store all the food for our growing children! I decided to transform our laundry room closet into a pantry using MDF and screws! Here's my inexpensive solution..
Create a layout for the new pantry. Make sure it's useful space for what you will be storing there. Start by buying MDF Sheets that can be cut down into strips to create the foundation of the shelving.
Install the boards by screwing them into the walls. If there are any horizontal shelves that need to be attached, screw them in first.
Add some sliding baskets to the layout to store smaller items like bread. It's my favorite part of the new pantry!
Use a long board of MDF to build a shelf across the top of the closet. Attach it with L brackets.
I painted the MDF white and hung up a mop and broom hanger to store household items. The MDF was inexpensive and installing it was really easy. I love the extra storage I have now! Check out the full tutorial on Mommy's Tool Belt.

Materials I used for this project:

  • MDF
  • L Brackets

To see more: http://www.mommystoolbelt.com/adding-a-custom-pantry-into-an-existing-closet

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