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No-Sew Hula Hoop Canopy With Pom Poms

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I've always had a thing for tents, tee pees, forts and hideaways. And there is something so magical about a beautiful canopy that drapes over a bed. This version is extremely easy to make using a hula hoop and some sheer curtain panels. I added playful pom pom trim to mine for a special touch. Give it a try and have sweet dreams under your beautiful canopy!

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Time: 1 Hours Cost: $30 Difficulty: Easy
  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms


- Hula Hoop

- Curtain Panels ( x 4)

- Fabric Adhesive

- Hot Glue Gun

- String

- Clear Packing Tape

- Scissors

- Spray Paint (optional)

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 1: Cut your Hula Hoop.

If your hula hoop doesn't disconnect, slice through it in one section only to create an opening.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 2: Paint your hula hoop.

You will see the hula hoop through the sheer panels, so be sure to paint it if you don't want to see those bright and flashy colors popping through.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 3: Glue on Trim.

Ensure you purchase enough pom pom trim for your curtain panels. They will be applied to one edge only, so you'll need two separate strands the same length of the panel. Using fabric glue, carefully apply it the the edge of the first panel. Then, apply is the the edge of the other panel.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 4: Thread panels onto the hoop.

Thread the first panel with the trim applied on first, ensuring the trim leads when you put it on the hoop. Next, thread the two panels without the trim onto the hoop. Last, thread the final panel onto the hoop with the trim facing the outside.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 5: Tape your Hoop.

Using heavy-duty packing tape, close the opening of your hoop. Tape it back together so it is closed securely and none of your curtain panels can slide off.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 6: Cut your String.

Using string or ribbon, cut 4 equal length pieces at least 15" long.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 7: Tie your string on.

Tie each piece of string securely onto all four areas of the hoop, ensuring they are evenly placed between the curtain panels. These strings will be used to hang your canopy from the ceiling, so overall balance is key.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 8: Meet in the middle.

Take the long pieces of all four strings and meet in the center of the hoop. Tie a knot to connect all four strings together to ensure the canopy hangs evenly and well-balanced.

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 9: Install Ceiling Hook.

Insert a ceiling hook of some kind where you'd like your canopy to hang from. Be sure to check the weight restrictions!

  • hula hoop canopy with pom poms

Step 10: Tie canopy to the ceiling hook.

Once you'd tied the canopy string to the ceiling hook, evenly space out the curtain and create an "opening" between the two panels with the trim on the ends. Now, you have your own special retreat to enjoy! Doesn't it just pretty up my daughter's room?

Materials I used for this project:

  • Hula Hoop   (Target)
  • Sheer Curatin Panels (68" Long)   (Target)
  • Pom Pom Trim   (Amazon)
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  • Kathi B
    Kathi B New Britain, CT

    A piece of wooden dowel put into ends of Hula Hoop will hold it better!

  • Maylen Bernardo
    Maylen Bernardo Lewes, DE

    Thank you so much i trie to find something for my dauther and now we can do it together  😝😊👍😘

  • Maggie Gray

    I have several neon colored shears I could never find a use for I'm going to try this hope it looks good (fingers crossed)

  • FL Hofrichter

    how cute is this? I love it!

  • Deborah
    Deborah Covington, OH

    You might mention that it's best to iron or steam curtain panels to get the wrinkles out of them. Heaven forbid someone might have to use an iron.

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