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Spring Carrot Door Hanger

Spring is upon us! I’m so excited for the sunshine, warm weather, flowers and all the happiness that spring brings with it. I’m also excited for Easter and spring time decorating and I’ve decided to get a little jump on my Easter decor by adding a spring carrot door hanger (our very first door hanger at our new house!) to the front of our new home! It was super easy to make and I know you’ll want to know how I whipped it up, so scroll down and see what I did, then hop over to my blog to get all the details on how to make one for yourself!
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
Here is what you will need…
  • Scissors
  • 4 Tulip “bushes” in orange. I bought mine at Michael’s
  • Wire Cutters
  • Green burlap ribbon
  • Greens I also bought these at Michael’s in their “Gardeners Market” section. They look like carrot tops to me 
  • Wire.
Command strip and hook for hanging.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
I started with 4 tulip bushes, and I removed the flowers ( with stems attached) from the bush from ONLY one tulip bush. Then I had a nice pile of tulips on stems. I then took three of the tulips aside and using the wire, created a bundle like this…
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
This created the point of my carrot. I also wired in the end of my burlap ribbon, leaving the other end still attached to the spool.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
I continued to add tulips to the bundle to gradually add bulk to the carrot. First three tulips and then six (that used up all of the single stem tulips). next I began to add the other three tulip bushes one at a time. gradually moving up the ribbon and wiring them down.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
I fanned and flattened each tulip bush before I added it to the bundle. Since the stems are wired you can manipulate the shape of the "carrot' easily. Once all the tulip bushes were added and wired down It was time to add the carrot greens.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
Making sure to wire the ribbon and stems snugly I wired the stems of the tulips to the stems of the greens. See below.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
Flipping the carrot facedown I looped the ribbon back toward the carrot, cut the ribbon and wired the ribbon down. this made the loop by which the door hanger will hang from the command hook.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
I flipping the carrot back over I tied the remaining ribbon in a bow, hiding where the greens and the tulips are joined.
  • spring carrot door hanger, doors
I left long tails on my ribbon that can be curled since I used wired ribbon. Isn't my little carrot cute! Hope over to my blog for step by step details. Hometalk only allows 15 photos per post so I couldn't post every step on this tutorial but I have all the details over at www.lovethetompkins.com

Materials I used for this project:

  • Wire
  • Silk flowers

To see more: http://lovethetompkins.com/homerenovation/spring-carrot-door-hanger/

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  • Laura Wilson

    I love this idea and since I have a green front door, it will especially set it off!

  • Rose Broadway
    Rose Broadway United States

    This is fantastic, and something I HAVE TO TRY!!! Great tutorial.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Abingdon, MD

    Looks great! Thanks for the tutorial. I will definitely be hitting Michael's this weekend.

  • Debbie
    Debbie Lancaster, SC

    Thanks for sharing and such a change from the normal door wreaths. Always looking for something different and this looks Great! Can't wait to make my own.

  • DB1106
    DB1106 Schaumburg, IL

    Super cute! You would make a killing selling these online! :)

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