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Window to the Past Door.

Before we decided to move and build a house and yard from scratch, we had worked really hard to have a beautiful yard somewhere else.

In our new house we have pretty panelled doors - all of them.. except 1.

The door to our utility room , (where our furnace, air recovery system, water tank, freezers and power box are) is an ugly greyish slab door... or was.

Plain ugly greyish slab door.  Big Thanks to my hubby for taking it off, and for removing the door handle!

Photo on my computer of a view form one of the windows where I used to live.  I had a printer print it out to a 22 x 30 inch size. It cost me under $5.00

Then I primed the door, and a 22" x 30" piece of hardboard. When dry I laid the hardboard on an measured so that it was centred on both sides and at the height I would want a window,.

I traced around the hardboard with a pencil; then I painted the door with a white semi gloss latex, but did not paint inside my rectangle for the window.

I mixed some black acrylic paint into my white semi gloss latex.

... and taped off where I wanted faux panels on the door,. Then I painted between the lines light grey.  I removed the tape as soon as I was finished.

Next, I took my piece of hardboard

and mod-podged on my photo - then gave it 2 coats of polycrylic.

Out to my work area! I have a lot of scraps., but had ensure I had enough to build a simple frame for my window.

I used a mitre saw and cut the corners to 45 degrees and the stiles to 90 or 0 degrees.

I brought my picture with me  to double and triple check my measurements!

back in the art room, I used "no more nails" construction adhesive to glue my rails and stiles to my hardboard with my photo on it.

The rails and stiles are glued on.  I let it set for 5 minutes with pots on the rails to keep them flat.

Then turned over my window and applied "No more Nails" to that too.  I placed it carefully into the rectangle pencil lines I drew on it earlier. then put the pots back on and let it sit an hour.

We put the door knob back on and put it in place.
Big thanks to my hubby for holding it while I put the pins back in, and for putting back on the handle!

Much better and now, I see the garden and trees I loved so much before I moved; while drinking coffe from my Café room table.

Maybe café curtains?  LOL

Materials I used for this project:

  • Slab door
  • Paint and roller
  • 1" paint brush or wide artist brush
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  • Ecgerrish
    on Feb 28, 2017

    This is so cool!!

  • Cindy Jo
    Cindy Jo Prosper, TX
    on Feb 28, 2017


  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    on Feb 28, 2017

    I like it! I've been tempted to put a "frosted" window or mirror on my basement laundry room door ...but this would be cool! Thanks again Teresa. :)

    • B. Enne
      B. Enne Canada
      on Mar 1, 2017

      Thanks, even $8 isn't bad. Apparently, Staples' engineering prints aren't bad. Have a good night.

  • Ardale
    Ardale Poplar Bluff, MO
    on Mar 1, 2017

    Teresa you've done it again. Just beautiful! You have the imagination to match your talent! You go girl

    • Teresa
      Teresa Canada
      on Mar 1, 2017

      Thanks you so much Ardale, you make me feel like I have a cheering section. your words are so appreciated!

  • Nicolette Spargo
    Nicolette Spargo New York, NY
    on Mar 1, 2017

    So cool! I have never seen this before! love it :)

    • Teresa
      Teresa Canada
      on Mar 1, 2017

      Thank you Nicolette! ( It would also look great in a windowless bathroom or powder room)

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