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Mason Jar Candles

Okay, I've been obsessed with these candles when I saw Caitlin's from DIY with Caitlin's live. I had to make them myself!
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
First thing is to make your box for your mold. Choose what jar you'd like to make a mold of and measure out 1/2 and inch from each side.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Next, cut and tape all the sides together. Make sure to use duct or packing tape for this part. Then hot glue the box to a base of cardboard. Make sure not to leave any holes open.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Next, you'll hot glue the lid onto you jar. This step is important so none of the mold gets inside your jar. After that, you can hot glue your jar upside down to the base of the box.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Here is the fun part! Mix together your silicone pack. I got mine off of Amazon for less than $30. Be sure to mix these two parts at the same time until they turn a shade of purple.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
On an angle, put the mixture into your box. Start pouring on an angle to avoid any air bubbles.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
After waiting about 6 hours for your mold to dry, begin peeling off your cardboard.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Once all the cardboard is off, cut a zigzag into the mold to release the jar. It's SUPER important to cut a zigzag not straight down so your wax can't escape.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Next, you'll want to tape your mold back together. I used duct tape for a strong hold and rubber bands to ensure the cut was totally back together seamlessly.

You can then insert your wick. I kept it stable by placing it between two skewers.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
You can then melt you wax in your double boiler. I used paraffin wax because it hold color and scent well. To dye my wax, I used a small piece of a crayon. **Follow the instructions on your wax for what temperature to add in your scent and color.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
Once my wax was melted and the color was evenly distributed, I took it off the burner and carefully poured it into the mold.
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
After letting your wax completely cool remove the tape and pull out your candle. This was the most satisfying moment of the project by far! (:
  • mason jar candles, mason jars
I am 100% totally IN LOVE with the way this came out. It looks amazing with my rustic-chic decor in my apartment. I've already received multiple request from my co-workers to make them one too! I think I've found my new hobby... 馃

Materials I used for this project:

  • Cardboard   (Amazon Box)
  • Silicone Mold Kit   (Amazon)
  • Double Boiler   (Amazon)
See all materials

Got a question about this project?

  • Darlene Odom
    Darlene Odom Grand Bay, AL

    These are really cute.

  • Rebecca Whitford
    Rebecca Whitford Thomson, GA

    Wonderful idea! I don't care if the mold does cost $30, you can use it over and over! I always save my wax from any candles I use anyway.

  • Maude  LaFountain
    Maude LaFountain Kopperl, TX

    I love it and yes I want bunches of these ...AMAZON here I come for my MOLD KIT !!!! Thanks for posting !!!!

  • Beth Boone Rexrode

    Dang you can buy one cheaper than you can make one !!

  • Madison Stephens

    *sigh* Too bad you can't use this very long. I mean, you don't have a container for the melted wax to puddle in, like a normal candle. Leave this burning too long and you'll have melted candle wax all over the place. Your idea was pretty cute, but

    • Karen Johnson

      If you use pillar wax you can burn it free-standing. If you use container wax you'll have a mess.

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