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Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

How to make this easy DIY solar Pool Heater
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $40 Difficulty: Medium
This short How-to video details how easy it is to make Solar pool heaters that will warm almost any swimming pool.
  • easy diy solar pool heater
We started with some PVC pipe, 90 degree female to female PVC angles, wire ties, 6 mill black plastic and foam pipe insulation.
  • easy diy solar pool heater
Simply glue four lengths of pvc pipe together with a 90 degree angle at each corner
  • easy diy solar pool heater
Then wrap the black plastic around the PVC square
  • easy diy solar pool heater
We used some duct tape to hold the plastic in place. The wrapped foam pipe insulation around each section of PVC. This insulation adds additional flotation and helps secure the plastic in place.
  • easy diy solar pool heater
  • easy diy solar pool heater
We used a soldering iron to burn a few holes through the plastic and then wrapped wire ties around the foam to secure everything in place.
  • easy diy solar pool heater
For small pools four or five floating solar panels work great. For larger pools you will need additional units. I just leave them in the pool when the pool is not in use and then pull the lightweight floating solar panels out the stack them when we go for a swim. The kids really appreciate the extra warmth especially early and late in the season.

If you want to build your own I would recommend watching the short how-to video posted above. It details every step of the process

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  • Linda
    Linda Baltimore, MD

    great idea, can't wait for hubs to watch this and build out pool heaters. thanks for posting this

  • Tammy Miller
    Tammy Miller Irwin, PA

    Awesome invention. Hope to see you on the shark tank

  • Hotheadzmarine.williamson

    Great Idea... and you could even use clear plastic and make it the size of the pool so when fall comes it keeps the leaves out ... less cleaning til the season is over.... and alot cheaper than a cover.

  • Debbie
    Debbie Walton, KY

    Awesome idea

  • Yvonne Mcewen
    Yvonne Mcewen Defiance, MO

    Fantastic Idea!

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