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So, what do you do with a coffee burlap bag, a permanent marker, Mod Podge and a picture frame? Make a fun little bathroom sign silly
I took an old print out of a picture frame that I had in my powder room but kept the cardboard backing. From my workshop, I grabbed a burlap coffee bag, my Mod Podge, scissors and a Sharpie. I cut the burlap to cover the cardboard, glued it to the cardboard with Mod Podge, then dried it quickly with a hairdryer.
Next, I had wrote the words, lather, rinse, repeat onto the burlap. It needed a little more love so I added the sweet BOHO tribal arrow!
Put it all back in the frame and yay! I have a new fun bathroom picture. Isn't this cute, cute, cute!!!
Time to find a new easy peasy DIY project around the house! Enjoy your day ~Lela (TrashFindRedesigned on ETSY) My BLOG at

Materials I used for this project:

  • Burlap Coffee Bag   (My own personal stock of coffee bags!)
  • Mod Podge   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker   (Staples)

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