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Easter Centerpieces

So with spring inching near and an abundance of flowers in my home from our southern bride photo shoot, I just had to get crafting to make a centerpiece for Easter! (funny because I am actually not even going to be in town for Easter, but at least it will look cute for this week) This centerpiece was all from things around my house- except for the moss bunnies- which I spent an entire $1 for two from the 99 cents store (splurged, I know)

Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
Ahhhhh soo gorgeous, can’t help but drive around admiring these “cotton candy” trees everywhere! They are getting me so excited for spring and the sun being out longer and planting yummy tomatoes ha
Some supplies to use:

  • Tablecloth- an old sheet
  • Linens- two white napkins
  • Baskets from thrift store
  • Bunnies from dollar store
  • Eggs- just dyed them yellow for a “pop”
  • Bird Nest, Container, Glass Stand- thrift shop!
  • Candle Filler- Rice
So what are ya waiting for- get crafting!
I used a white linen napkin to tuck into this basket I got from the thrift store. Then I placed these plastic eggs in the basket.
These moss bunnies were a steal from the 99cent store! I found some glass containers and added light pink candles. I used rice as a filler in the glass container but you can get creative.
We hope you have fun making these Easter centerpieces and sprucing up your home with fun Spring decor! We'd love to see your pictures!


Materials I used for this project:

  • Tablecloth (or old sheet)
  • 2 white linen napkins
  • Baskets   (Thrift Store)
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To see more: http://zestitup.com/spring-has-sprung-easter-centerpiece/

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