How to Empty the Wax and Re-Use Yankee Candle Jars


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I have literally been burning through Yankee Candles over the holidays. They come in such beautiful jars, I really wanted to re-use them for storage, decorations, gifts, etc. I found an easy way to remove the wax and now the #upcycle possibilities are endless! For the full tutorial check out Two It Yourself.
  • How to Clean Out the Wax and Re-use Yankee Candle Jars
  • When the candles gets really low pour out any liquid wax before cutting the remaining into sections with a knife
  • Use a knife to pry out on section, the first is the hardest. The rest should follow easily. Clean out the jar really well
  • Use the beautiful candle jar as a candy jar, craft or pantry storage
  • Add a monogram and a ribbon and fill it with goodies - it becomes the perfect gift!

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  • Holly
    holly San Diego, CA
    How do you get rid of the scent so you can store food? Mine are crystal clean, yet the faint scent remains. TY
  • Janie Pride
    Janie Pride Midland, GA
    You can put the candle jars in the freezer for a while and the wax comes right out!!
  • Suzanne Maras
    Suzanne Maras Welcome, MN
    I love these idea's of re-using the candle holders, I can get the wax out easily but have problems getting the glue out from the bottom of the metal wick holder, any idea's?
    • Nancy
      Nancy Bow, NH
      Suzanne Maras I pour a little pure acetone (nail polish remover) in the jar and let it set for about 1/2 hr. It dissolves the glue like magic!
  • Jenny Cox
    Jenny Cox Wells, MN
    I just put low candles in a slow oven, like 170 degrees and let the wax melt, and smell up my house, then pour it out. Wipe any remaining wax out with a paper towel. Stabbing, and Jabbing can be dangerous!
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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