How to Empty the Wax and Re-Use Yankee Candle Jars

I have literally been burning through Yankee Candles over the holidays. They come in such beautiful jars, I really wanted to re-use them for storage, decorations, gifts, etc. I found an easy way to remove the wax and now the #upcycle possibilities are endless! For the full tutorial check out Two It Yourself.
  • How to Clean Out the Wax and Re-use Yankee Candle Jars
  • When the candles gets really low pour out any liquid wax before cutting the remaining into sections with a knife
  • Use a knife to pry out on section, the first is the hardest. The rest should follow easily. Clean out the jar really well
  • Use the beautiful candle jar as a candy jar, craft or pantry storage
  • Add a monogram and a ribbon and fill it with goodies - it becomes the perfect gift!

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  • Karon Nelson Roberts
    Karon Nelson Roberts Beaufort, SC
    Crock-pot. Just put a small cookie cooling rack in bottom of crock pot, place candle jars on top of rack, add water till about half way up jars, turn on low for several hours. Yes it takes time so plan to do on a day when home all day. You can put three
  • Joan
    Joan Englishtown, NJ
    Putting the jar, candle holder, tart burner etc., in the freezer for 30 minutes works best for me.Pops right out when you stick a fork or knife in it, and hardly any residue!
  • Janie Pride
    Janie Pride Midland, GA
    You can put the candle jars in the freezer for a while and the wax comes right out!!
  • Suzanne Maras
    Suzanne Maras Welcome, MN
    I love these idea's of re-using the candle holders, I can get the wax out easily but have problems getting the glue out from the bottom of the metal wick holder, any idea's?
    • Nancy
      Nancy Bow, NH
      Suzanne Maras I pour a little pure acetone (nail polish remover) in the jar and let it set for about 1/2 hr. It dissolves the glue like magic!
  • Jenny Cox
    Jenny Cox Wells, MN
    I just put low candles in a slow oven, like 170 degrees and let the wax melt, and smell up my house, then pour it out. Wipe any remaining wax out with a paper towel. Stabbing, and Jabbing can be dangerous!
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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