How to Empty the Wax and Re-Use Yankee Candle Jars

For the Garden 7 days ago
I have literally been burning through Yankee Candles over the holidays. They come in such beautiful jars, I really wanted to re-use them for storage, decorations, gifts, etc. I found an easy way to remove the wax and now the #upcycle possibilities are endless! For the full tutorial check out Two It Yourself.
  • How to Clean Out the Wax and Re-use Yankee Candle Jars
  • When the candles gets really low pour out any liquid wax before cutting the remaining into sections with a knife
  • Use a knife to pry out on section, the first is the hardest. The rest should follow easily. Clean out the jar really well
  • Use the beautiful candle jar as a candy jar, craft or pantry storage
  • Add a monogram and a ribbon and fill it with goodies - it becomes the perfect gift!

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  • Diane Cestrone
    Diane Cestrone Atkinson, NH
    skeptical about putting something edible in a candle jar. is the flavor affected??
  • Melissa @ Two It Yourself
    Thanks for all the suggestions on putting the jars in the freezer! Never thought of thought..I'll have to try that first. I also use the jars for craft storage - ribbons, buttons, bobbins, etc
  • Brenda Cantrell
    Brenda Cantrell Sparta, TN
    if you are worried about food in the jars you can always use a storage bag in the jar before adding food.
  • Beverly Ann W
    Beverly Ann W Nacogdoches, TX
  • Aubrey L
    Aubrey L Salem, VA
    I reuse the jars for screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers and other small items in my workshop. It's easy to make a selection later...just by looking at the jar instead of digging through a box of miscellaneous things.
  • Julie Reardon
    Julie Reardon Wayne, NJ
    what about the metal piece that gets glued? will this work for that too ?
    • Jill
      Jill Riverside, CA
      Julie Reardon I reuse all my Yankee Candle jars and have for a long time now. I don't know what they glue is made of (maybe hot glue) but to get rid of the metal piece, I just
  • Judy H
    Judy H Saratoga Springs, NY
    Put the jar in the freezer. After a couple of hours, remove jar, wait awhile and the remaining (and frozen) wax usually pops right out.
  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Urbana, IL
    You can also get rid of wax on candle sticks etc by pouring boiling water over them. You may want to heat them in hot tap water first if they are glass so you don't crack them. Also if there is a lot of wax, doing it outside is better so the wax won't
  • Becky
    Becky Central City, PA
    I use my jars in the bathroom for Q tips, cotton balls, etc.
  • Tamara K
    Candles in the freezer remove wax in one full swoop. However, with the Yankee Candle tumblers of any size? You have to cut the wax FIRST before freezing, otherwise it won't come out the top. :)
  • Edie W
    Edie W Grayslake, IL
    I put candles in the freezer and the wax and metal clip pop right out. The only problem is when you have a jar that is narrow at the top. I like the idea of melting and pouring in cupcake liners for tarts!
  • Linda R
    Linda R Indianapolis, IN
    we save old wax melt down and dip pine cones for fire pit outside
  • Sarah Gazzara
    Sarah Gazzara Blairsville, GA
    Yes - put them in the freezer,,,And I've heard if you put your tapers in the freezer before you light them they won't drip??? Never tried it but an old freind of mine used to keep all her candles in the freezer...
  • David H
    David H Lawrenceville, GA
    Be careful in reusing candle jars for food items. As a candle maker for many years I have learned much about waxes and fragrances. Most candles contain paraffin wax which is a byproduct of refining oil. Regulations are allowing more and more impurities
  • Karen C
    If you have wax but no wick left, I melt the wax on a flat electric tart burner then you can also put the melted wax into cupcake liners and use in your pretty tart burners!!!
Melissa @ Two It Yourself