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Kitchen Island Ikea Hack

This project is perfect if you have a small kitchen or just don't have enough counter or cupboard space. All you need are 2 Ikea LACK tables, some paint and a few basic tools and you can have a brand new kitchen island!

  • kitchen island ikea hack

Start with 2 Ikea Lack tables. Use Liquid Nails on the bottom of each leg on one of the tables and put it on top of the other table. If you'd like more pictures & detail for any step of this process, visit: http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com/kitchen-island-ikea-hack/

  • kitchen island ikea hack

Paint the whole thing whatever color you want. I used Rustoleum Metallic Flat Soft Iron spray paint. Cut a few pieces of lumber to size and attach using a Kreg Jig to make the bottom shelf. You could also use 3 Ikea Lack tables and use the 3rd table top for the bottom shelf instead if you want to have an easier project.

  • kitchen island ikea hack

You can paint the top the same color as the rest of the island, or use EZFauxDecor (like contact paper, but way more heavy duty) to make it look like you have a marble top. They also have other marble/granite designs as well as stainless steel. Water won't damage it. Visit http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com/kitchen-island-ikea-hack/ for more project details & to see where to buy it.

Right now EZFaux Décor is giving away a 12-ft roll of this marble film! You can enter here: http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com/ezfaux-decor-spring-giveaway-info/

  • kitchen island ikea hack

Add whatever hardware you like (just for looks, there is no functional purpose). I used 4 L-shaped brackets. Load it up with anything you don't have room for in your cupboards or on your countertop! I originally had casters on the bottom, but one ended up ripping right off, so I took them off. It's actually the perfect counter height without the casters anyway:) For more detailed instructions, visit http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com/kitchen-island-ikea-hack/

Materials I used for this project:

  • 2 Lack Tables   (Ikea)
  • Hardware (L-shaped brackets)   (Lowe's)
  • Paint or Spray Paint   (Lowe's)
See all materials

To see more: http://www.finditfixitorbuildit.com/kitchen-island-ikea-hack/

  • Jeannie Carle
    Jeannie Carle Parnell, MO

    Liking this! Don't have a whole lot of space and this would add SO much for MANY different uses!

  • Bbeckley53

    Awesome idea

  • Arleen
    Arleen Wilton, NH

    Wonderful, creative idea! This could be used in so many different places in my house. Keep calm and create on.

  • Sara
    Sara Anchorage, AK

    Thanks Arleen!

  • Sara
    Sara Anchorage, AK

    Definitely! Gotta create every square inch of space you can, haha:)

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