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Tree Stump Side Table DIY

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing a DIY I did for a pretty little tree stump side table. I know I'm not the first one to get this idea, but I've been seeing them around for a while and have wanted to make one forever. They are pretty expensive in stores, but if you can get your hands on a tree stump for free, it's a super cheap project. I'm happy to finally have tackled this project...and it was pretty easy, too! It just takes a lot of patience. :)The first thing you need to do is find a stump. I was very lucky that my parents had just had a tree taken down in their backyard, so I had plenty to choose from! My dad and I dug through the pile to find the most even stump so we wouldn't have to do any additional leveling.
Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

This tree had been taken down relatively recently, so the bark was still pretty fresh. That made it SUPER easy to remove the bark using a flat head screw driver. In the past, I've removed the bark from tree parts and it has been really difficult (see my DIY cat tree with real branches). I think that waiting until the piece is totally dry makes it harder.

Once the bark was gone, I treated the piece with bleach water to kill some of the mold. Then I set it aside to dry out. This is the part that takes patience. I let it dry out for several months in a dry area (i.e., not sitting outside where it rains!).

I finished the piece with a stain and a polyurethane, and it turned out awesome!

Have you tried to make a tree stump side table before?? What did you think--easy or difficult? Did you remove your bark or keep it on?To read more about this project and check out some more tips, I'd love to have you over on my blog at the link below. Happy Hometalking!

To see more: https://www.bybrittanygoldwyn.com/2016/11/make-a-tree-stump-side-table/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Patty G
    Patty G Newberg, OR
    on Mar 29, 2017

    Really nice, although I wish you would have included a photo of the table in use.

  • Brenda  S.
    Brenda S. North Brunswick, NJ
    on Mar 30, 2017

    Great idea!

  • Bethann
    Bethann Ruther Glen, VA
    on Mar 30, 2017

    It's a log :)

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Apr 13, 2017

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Theduke1234
    on Apr 15, 2017

    I am so inspired by this log!! My wheels are turnin', since I could possibly have Husband make me one.....;))) I am just wonderling, la la la, WHERE I would put it. Somehow in a bedroom, it cannot be showed off. I think a threesome would look good.......wondering where????????????

    • Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey
      Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey Castaic, CA
      on Apr 15, 2017

      We have some wood waiting to be ready for this purpose. I need some plant stands for potted plants, that is part of what we are going to do. Your idea of 3's is great, at different heights too. ☺

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