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DIY Zen Garden

Life can be quite stressful at times, but finding ways to unwind at the end of the day is vital! One of my favorite new ways to decompress is to play with my zen garden. Today, I will show you how to make your own zen garden using a shadow box (or picture frame), sand, twigs and more. This zen garden really helps me meditate and mindfully get over any aches and pains.
  • diy zen garden

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:
  • shadow box frame
  • sand
  • faux succulent
  • handful of twigs
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • decorative white stones

  • diy zen garden

Start by filling the shadow box frame with the sand. I chose blue sand, but you can select natural (beige) sand or another color of your choice. Shake the shadow box gently to evenly spread out the sand.
  • diy zen garden

Using the hot glue, attach pieces of the twigs together to form a little rake for the garden. Please see the blog post for the details on how I made this rake!
  • diy zen garden

Add the decorative white stones to the box. Begin dragging the rake through the sand to make an interesting pattern.
  • diy zen garden

It’s quite fun (and very relaxing) to move the succulent and stones around the box. Creating different designs is actually quite rewarding! Please visit the blog post for more details and tips on how to make this Zen Garden.

To see more: http://engineermommy.com/2017/diy-zen-garden/

  • Allison Velez

    Really cool!

  • Lucy Marie Bernier

    Very cool... 👍👍👍

  • M. K. M.
    M. K. M. Canada

    Totally love the small ones like yours. And your rake is so adorable!

  • Tim
    Tim Saint Petersburg, FL


  • Rambie
    Rambie Gainesville, FL

    Awesome! You could do so many cool things depending on the mood your in. Great idea :)

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